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  1. is it possible to elaborate on the licensing agreements? and a few other questions - was FM19 on game pass a one off? and not to expect any more FM titles to be added in future? pretty sure i remember seeing sega featured as one of the devs/publishers working with xbox to bring PC games to game pass library, cant find anything now but i'm sure it was there on launch of game pass on PC, just curious if you are still working with them or if that was just to boost the amount of games for launch.
  2. any updates on FM on game pass? why was 19 removed and how come it was taken off the store aswell? looks like you can't even purchase it to play on xbox live been a while since I've checked in on this thread - I've had a scan through but dont see an answer to these questions thanks in advance
  3. is there any ETA? and will the update fix any of these achievements, domestic cup, invincible, goal of the month? noticed a few have got the continental competition chieve, done this so many times but not getting anywhere, any advice?
  4. any word on when said achievements are getting fixed? domestic cup, continental cup, invincible, confederations cup, goal of the month. done all of em multiple times but no luck
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