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  1. * More interaction with your ass man and being able to hand off more duties. He should be in your ear giving you advice on players who are ready to move up from the reserve/youth team and players who aren't good enough for the first team. However...the only way this works right is if the ass man doesn't act like he has the football IQ of Forest Gump. * I personally feel that scouting needs to be streamlined. I would personally like to see us be able to hire a scouting director and then based on the board's restrictions on scouting, fudnign, etc., the director will then handle the scouting. * Maybe this is just because I'm an American, and as such, I'm used to coaches not having much say in what players come to the team. But I would like to have a toggle in the options menu to let the board handle the transfer market. However, for every deal the board makes, the manager can give a recommendation (much like when he's given a choice of feeder/parent teams) on what to do. Thus, where currently, you can decline a sell and then the board can potentially go over you and your powerless to stop them...with this, the board will buy/sell/loan a player, and then you can give a recommendation, like "yes, i like the move" or "no I don't want this player" or "the offer isn't good enough" or "the player is too important to sell". Of course, the final decision rests with the board, and then this opens up even more possibilities as far as interacting with the board. But none of these three options should be mandatory to use. In the end, the more options you can give the player to play the game as they see fit, then the better it is for everyone.
  2. No its Football Manager not Football General Manager </div></BLOCKQUOTE> And your point? What is so bad about the option to play the game like this?
  3. 1. Assistant managers should be able to actually help you out, which is in their job title (unlike now, where their job title is currently just to use up your wage budget). Ass. managers should be able to help you with... a) Picking a tactic (taking into account the makeup of the team and the manager's preferred tactics) b) Deciding which players to play. c) Picking who should be on your first team/reserve team/youth team. d) Scheduling friendlies (they don't even do this half the time it seems). e) Giving you reports on players that actually make sense. f. Handling training. g. Offer advice during the game, such as substitutions and changes in tactics. h. All of the above should be influenced by how good or bad the man's ratings are. 2. Should also have the option of not having an ass. manager if you don't want one. 3. The option to play as a general manager, where you make all the player transactions, and you hire a manager to handle the team. Also the option to play under a general manager, where the AI handles transactions. 4. Instead of hiring individual scouts, I would like to see just having a scouting department. Budget and reputation would determine how far from home they scout. Thus a small Conference North team with a very small budget will most likely do most, if not all their scouting around the United Kingdom. Whereas, a team such as ManU, Chelsea, Real Madrid and other big-time, world renowned clubs would pretty much have free reign over the world. 5. Adding to #3, have the scouting department and ass. manager work in tandem to recommend players to buy on the transfer market. Also have a toggle where you can let the scouting department and the ass. manager handle the buying of players on the transfer market (but still retain the ability to sell players). 6. The board should have final say on all transfers, whether they be by you or the scouting dept./ass. manager. 7. The board should make recommendations and if you don't listen, then they should go over your head and do it themselves. 8. The board should react depending on ratings such as profitability (how much they love making money), winning (important on winning), hands-on approach (want to get their hands dirty in the running of the team). Thus a board with a high profitability rating and a low winning rating are much more concerned with the bottom line (while a board the other way around just care about winning, no matter the cost). 8. For international managers, have an option for the coaching staff to be able to manage the national pool and pick your squads. 9. As always tighten up the AI more. 10. More interaction with the media, etc. etc.
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