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  1. it shows league table that I played in Wolverhampton. Next one is the game agains Man, City. In fact when I was in Wolverhampton I lost two times in the first season. but in Liverpool never. This is screenshot for EPL record table.(when I play in Liverpool) The Most Victory Points is mine. 104 pts(2018/19 season) The Most Wins is also mine. 33 wins The Most winning streak is also mine. 20 times Undefeated record is also mine. 76(that is still ongoing)
  2. ??? : Hey you! yeah you. You can be Klopp. Just follow me. t this tactic will make you Klopp. just use it. I got 7 trophies all season with this tactic. _vs 나폴리 전방압박 장면.mp4 this is how to make gegenpressing play _vs 나폴리 빌드업 장면.mp4 and it show how to build up ??? : And now it's your turn. 4-3-3 Klopp's Liverpool gegenpressing by Zacshin(Never loose).fmf
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