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  1. I’m yet to start a save in FM20 and wanted to know what the best attacking tactics were, particularly to play like Liverpool or Man City but I was going to select Man Utd and was going to make a lot of squad changes anyway. Wanted to use a 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-2-1 but wanted to know more on mentalities, player roles, instructions etc. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  2. I have never done it myself but have always seen streamers or YouTubers have face packs and club packs imported on their saves and just looks so much nicer. Was just wondering what was the best way to do it for MacBook and also if there were any drawbacks to importing them? Such as slower game performance etc. Thank you.
  3. I know, I completely agree, it just seems very suspicious for me at the moment getting about 3 knocks a game, I just think of it as the game trying to test me.
  4. Thank you again! So there’s not a lot that can be changed with the frequent injuries?
  5. Thank you so much! Have used this exact tactic and it reinvented my team and haven’t lost a game since using it. I still use the 4-2-3-1 for home games but have changed roles and team instructions relevant to a post you created yourself. The only question I would ask is I have had a couple of 0-0 draws against lower opposition using the 4-1-4-1 tactic you provided, in game what instruction would you suggest changing to push for that goal? Also, against tougher opponents such a the top 6 away from home or away in the champions league, would you recommend changing any tactics? I am also see
  6. Was just curious to see the general thoughts on pre match tactical advise summaries as I am too stubborn to change tactics for one game and just thought I'd ask to see if they work. Also the advised suggest in pre match briefings?
  7. Thank you, really helpful again! So I was trying to recreate the way Liverpool / Man city play in real life, the quick counter attacks but also still dominate the game. If you know how to accurately create that then that would be awesome! I see what you mean about how it becomes a bit too predictable on how to defend against it, just played a games where the opposition sat 9 men in defensive positions throughout the whole game, had 24 shots on target and only scored 2.
  8. Thats really helpful, thanks! Could you recommend what I should change the roles to and any changes in team instructions you think would be helpful? Once again thank you!
  9. First thing, I am new here, so sorry if I miss out things that I should mention etc. So, I always encounter a problem in the second/third season in where my squad struggles not for possession, chances or shots on target but for a result, here are my three tactics that I use but can be changed in game if required to: I've lost 2 of my opening 5 games whereas last season I only lost 4 in the league during the whole season and won the treble. I thought that my recent struggles could be due a massive overhaul I made during the summer transfer market where I replaced all the deadwood wit
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