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  1. Well yea, but i would accept a steam version to see if its works there and its the game pass problem..
  2. Same for me ...its the most ******** i have ever seen
  3. Hi. Still nothing, everything up to date. As i just start a new game when i choosed my profile and its want to start crash immediately.
  4. I've got the simple game pass now for a month. I wanted to renew it next month. If the first month is called as trial yeah.
  5. They are on the document folder where all other games saves are. And i was using cloud save on the older save and was using local with the new one. But the game still freezing when im trying to load the game. I reinstalled the game twice and the app itt self too. Can't do anything else and everything is up to date. Its been 9 days and my pass is just going to expire too...
  6. I reinstalled the game twice and the xbox beta app twice too and still nothing helped my problem, please do something.
  7. The new one is there yes, but the older ones are in the cloud and for my self i dont have load recent game because i have changed the name of the save manually and probably thats because. Please try to find something to play this..Its so annoying.
  8. After this the game just froze when i click on load game. Is there any way to try the steam version?
  9. Nope, sadly. When i was at starting the game after i choose my manager profile its just closed it self.
  10. I don't have FM installed on steam, i closed every program that i dont really need, i checked for windows update and the xbox version is the correct one but its still the same. As i press load game its close it self and i have no recent game. Tried with uninstall too, deleting cache nothing works.
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