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  1. Hello, you may have to bear with me here as I am ok with pc software but not hugely knowledgeable about the hardware. I downloaded FM2019 via Xbox game pass pc. It installed as an app. Every time I try to start it up I get a black loading screen that stays on forever and my cpu usage spikes to 100%, largely it seems due to malware type protection. I have cleared the cache, reinstalled the game etc and just don't know how to fix it. I even tried updating graphics drivers etc. I cannot seem to find a way to turn off the malware protection or Windows defender, I am not even 100% sure what antivirus products are on the laptop. Can anyone help? It is driving me insane, I have been trying to fix it for about 6 hours. I think I have the minimum requirements to play the game but it just won't load and I need help. Thanks a lot.
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