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  1. Hello, Ive started using the level 13 version of this released earlier, but is it just my computer or does the game get really slow from loading all these extra leagues ? Note : ive run games with 40 leagues on view only in the past without any effort at all, yet with this DB the game processing speed gets to snail level. Does this get better when you start removing leagues below you up until you hit vanarama level ?
  2. @knap regarding the 4-1-4-1 VM or just 4-3-3 formation blue matter, it said either here or elsewhere to get mezzella's with good finishing / long shots, yet when I check the instructions on the position, it states : shoot less, also not shooting whenever possible but work patiently into the box, so Im confused. Was the advice wrong or should / could I tweak it for a bit better results ? Also, is there a tactic working with only 3 defenders ? 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 ?
  3. Sorry I cant find the answer to this question , so I hope you guys can help me out ! When I have the ability to sign a lot of trainers, I usually sign one very good one in a specific area so the quality of the training according to the game is 4.5 - 5 stars. After the high star coaches are signed, I fill the spots with local legends who arent special or anything , they usually have about 10-12 in every stat possible who usually do 3 types of training just to reduce the workload to as low as possible. My question is as follows : Does this way ensure maximum effectiveness o
  4. Hello everyone, As Im not that experienced with this game , I usually picked a big club and went on with it. Right now however, I decided to play a lower league ( Tranmere Rovers league 2 England ) and see how things go. From what I read on the forums the common advice for lower league is to save as much money as possible for when you go up. ( loan players , dont pay high wages , dont scout on things you cant afford ). What I cannot find however , is what to spend the actual money on while you are climbing the ladder ? - Should I invest in getting a good staff an
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