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  1. Thank you very much. It works great. Time for me to get back in the Caribbean and try to build a team there.
  2. I love your files. Thank you very much for them. However, I had a little problem and I had to stop playing on my latest saved game. I played for about 6 years managing a team from Anguilla. And although I qualified each time I won the league for the Caribbean Club Shield when I manged to get through to the qualifying round and won it, therefore advancing to the CONCACAF League, I was never included in the drawing for the competition. True, it was only once, but then I looked over all the winners of the past years for that qualifying round and none of them played in the CONCACAF League despite that fact appearing in the competition rules and in my case being announced via my game inbox. Can this be corrected because I still dream of building a very small Caribbean team and maybe try to win CONCACAF Champions League? Thank you.
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