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  1. Does anyone have a list of these different clubs that produce players from a different nation eg San Marino calico in Italy cheers guys
  2. Bolivia - 2019 I took the job and the first thing to do was to play a couple of Friendlies before the big World Cup Qualifying happens. It was two very easy wins as we looked to build some confidence in the team after the Copa America under the previous manager. We could not have started the qualifiers in any tougher manner we lost a very close game to a good Argentina team before amazingly beating the mighty Brazil. We recorded a decent win over Peru before finishing off the year with a poor defeat to Chile. We were awful in that game and I dont really know why. We have to be better next year. Stars of the Season Gilbert Alavrez - this lad has just come back from Saudi Arabia to play in Bolivia and he has been one of the first names for me Rodrigo Ramallo - the striker come winger has been playing out wide for me this year and has been excellent Jody Canida - a superb player who has been playing out of his skin at Right Back for me
  3. Bolivia They have just been knocked out of the Copa America in the group stage by Peru, Argentina and shamefully Japan B They currently stand at 79th in the World and decided I was the man to take them forward towards the World Cup Qualifying As we automatically qualify for the Copa America, I must either qualify for the World Cup or get the team to the quarter finals of the Copa before I leave.
  4. 2019 We went into 2019 knowing that we stood in a very good spot to go into the Gold Cup and the Nations A League. We beat the Bahamas in a very easy friendly match. Canada were next up in a key game. Annoyingly our loss meant we finished the qualification group in 7th by a goal which meant we qualified for the Gold Cup but not the for the A League. We missed out by a goal which is really irritating. We went into the Gold Cup in a very tough group. A predicatble defeat to the USA was followed by an unbelieveable win over Costa Rica and a more standard win against St Kitts. Amazingly this put us into the quarter finals where Jamaica were just too much of a challenge as we went out. I decided this was it for me here as I had qualified for a major tournament. The Copa America had just finished and I had a new offer
  5. 2018 So a real strange start as seem to be in this massive league where only four games are played. The top 6 qualify for the Nations A League and 7-22 go to the B League. The Top 10 qualify for the North American Gold Cup. I have no idea if this goes towards the World Cup Qualifiers or anything. Friendlies We played just the three with 2 very good wins and one defeat. In the defeat I tried a slight variation to the tactic that I thought would suit the team better. All in all it didnt and I suffered my first loss. North American Nations League Qualifying We were absolutely perfect in this. We won every game we played and in all honesty we won them comfortably. We only have Canada left, I think I have done enough to go to the Gold Cup but it would be nice to finish 4 out of 4 but I very much doubt that we will. Stars of the Season Dexter Blackstock - maybe recognisable to those who follow the English game. He is presently without a club but still smashing them in for me. Josh Parker - another from England the former Gillingham man who has just moved to Charlton is doing amazingly for us. Mhyles Weston - plays for Ebbsfleet in the National League he has scored a fair few for me from the left wing where he has also assited some goals to.
  6. The Start So we begin with the footballing powerhouse that is Antigua and Barbuda We are presently 125th in the world surrounded by such football nations as Malawi and Sudan I dont think it will be realistic to expect us to qualify for the World Cup but I will be here till at least 2023 so lets see what we can do. This seems to be our home but it looks more like a Cricket Ground. I imagine if I face some bigger nations we could well be in for some Cricket Scores there.
  7. Story So Far Year Nation Ranking Notes .................................................... 2018 Antigua and Barbuda 126th Good start 2019 Antigua and Barbuda 120th Gold Cup Quarter Final 2019 Bolivia 72nd
  8. International A-Z I saw someone post on here a International Journeyman save earlier but it has gone, I fancy doing something similar but I am looking to add a couple of rules. There has been a fair few A-Zs on here with Clubs but I am looking to do it with Nations as far as I can. Rules I will be able to take charge of a National Team Starting with an A from the outset I can only move once I have either won a competition, qualified for a competition or stayed with that Nation for 5 years. I will not be looking to take over a massive team starting with an A for example Argentina as I think it will make it a little too easy to move on and the likes so I will be starting with a lower level A side.
  9. Looking good so far this season
  10. Just thought I would comment to say how much I am enjoying this it has not got the comments this thread deserves in my eyes
  11. Birmingham are a strange team for me I have a complete hatred for them but I have no reason why
  12. September 2021 Our daft season continues as we get three more wins and go top. Walker and Gauci were unbelievable this month, it was also nice to see the defence a bit more solid.
  13. August 2021 An amazing month to start with as we beat two very good sides in the league The amount of goals we have scored this month is incredible the conceded column causes me some concern Tyrone Tanti - Decent enough left back comes in to add a bit more to our side
  14. Pre Season 2021/22 We have had a really decent Preseason winning against decent sides from the Division below and winning really well. We were back in Europe this year and got smashed by Dinamo Brest we are miles off teams like that so cannot expect much else from it really Transfers We brought in some very decent players this summer. The two players we lost we not playing so they will be no loss to us. Jean Claude Debattista - our new keeper here. We missed the one we wanted but this lad is an improvement Neil Pace Cocks - a midfield player who is decent enough and will add some depth here. Ashai Watanabe - our new striker from Japan looks very good for us Samuel Timmy Ogundare - midfield player from Nigeria looks very good for us
  15. May 2021 This is fantastic we finished the league off with two more wins We beat the two teams who finished top of the Maltese Premier in the Cup to record another Cup Win Stars of the Season Liam Gauci - cracking striker who scored a fair few goals for us Roderick Cauchi - what a player this lad is. Came in January and was fantastic for us Josuael Azzopardi - is maybe not the best Left Back at the club anymore but he just keeps producing
  16. April 2021 Quiet month in April we only played two games but this was it We won the title with a couple of games to spare. Get In top league next year.
  17. March 2021 A very good month where we got 3 wins and a draw. The best thing was that we got a win over one of our title rivals. This well and truly puts us in a spot where we should win the league. Intake Another year another Intake of fantastic promise for the future for us.
  18. February 2021 Just the two games this month One very big win in the cup and a draw in the League. This leaves us very much in charge of our own destiny in the League now.
  19. January 2021 What a month I feel this is the month where we have become a very good side in Malta. We won all four games and took a decent lead at the top of the table as well as getting ourselves to the quarter final of the cup. As you can see from the Transfers we got rid a lot of the old guard and brought in some truly excellent players who will help us hopefully go into the Premier Division. Jamie Zefera - midfielder who is an upgrade on anything we have Roderick Cauchi - instantly becomes the best player at the club, I am hoping he will be with us for a while Ryan Caruna - we needed a new keeper and this is the man i Picked up Ryan Borg - gets added into the attacking ix another very good player Zachary Grech - wont be a first teamer but given what went out I needed some DR cover Adebayo Ademilua - can play at either side of the defence a decent player Agatino Sicilia - another cover player but he covers all of the defence Dejan Vukovic - another Defender but one of the better ones a very good player
  20. December 2020 We find ourselves in the next round of the cup with another solid win over a team from the League below. In the League we were very much up and down this month. It is good to see the attackers chipping in with some more goals. As we look at the League table I am top but I have played two games more than most of our rivals. We need to tighten up a little at the back as well as we concede too many
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