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  1. FC ORSHA - End of Season Review 2018 Thank god for that. We eventually managed to turn it around with two wins in three games and a draw. They were 3 very close games and to get enough points to go up as champions is fantastic for us. I am not sure where this leaves us now going forward as we have a lot of new players that need to come in to make this squad strong enough to compete with the league above next year. Stars of the Season Alexey Kazarin - first choice wing back on the left hand side and very good player to boot. His nine assists in 25 games was superb. Alexey Kozlov - the other wing back. A player I would say is slightly more talented than his wing back partner. Year League Cup Europe Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 1st 3rd Rnd N/A Promoted
  2. FC ORSHA - September/October 2018 God knows what went wrong here, it was an absolute nightmare for us. We seemed to really struggle and have not won a game in two months. I literally have no idea what has happened. We havent changed the system or the squad. We now have three games to essentially save our season. I think two wins will be enough for the title. We have an ok run in with 10th and 11th away before finishing with 4th at home. Fingers crossed for us
  3. FC ORSHA - August 2018 A decent month in fairness. The first game was in the cup against a team that are struggling in the league above. We managed to sneak through in a very close fixture. We followed this up with a draw and two wins in the league to extend our lead to nine points with only nine games left. We have to be going up now dont we. We lost in the cup against a mid table side from the league above, they are a decent team but one that we certainly had chances to win. The transfer window opened for this month there was not much in the market but I managed to add a couple of names. Azmar Radzhabov - comes in on loan from the league above, decent player who we will test out for the remaining few months before trying to sign him on a free deal in the off season. Ilya Stepanyuk - came in on a free deal, not sure if there will be anything from him in the future but I think he has a chance to improve and may get a few games
  4. FC ORSHA - June/July 2018 Not much action in June just the two games. We got a very good win in the cup to go into the next round. In the league we finally lost a game against a team I think will be promotion rivals. We managed to kick on in July and got 4 wins and a draw. Once again our defence was a huge part of our team as we only conceded 5 goals in two months which is very good for a team like ours. We stay 7 points clear. There is only 12 games left in the league so we could well with another month of good wins in a position to seal promotion at a very early stage.
  5. No its not too bad manageable if I improve my Youth Team, no I think Russians are now foreign
  6. Cheers pal, yeah they are pretty tough. In the First League no foreign players in the Highest League only 5 foreign players in the starting 11. Cheers mate
  7. FC ORSHA - May 2018 Two draws to start off the month was not bad, I was a little gutted as they were against teams that were not doing so well this year. We finished the month off with four superb wins to continue our great season so far. We find ourselves 7 points ahead in the table which is a superb start for us. I most impressed with our defensive record as we have only conceded 10 and as we are playing attacking football and our defence is not our strongest area.
  8. FC ORSHA - April 2018 An absolute superb start to the season. We have managed to win three out of four games. In the game we drew if it wasn't for a missed penalty we would have had a perfect start. I am not sure if this is an indication for a great season or just a lucky start but either way I am leased with the results thus far.
  9. FC ORSHA - 2018 Pre Season Decent enough Pre Season as we entertained our fans with plenty of goals. We played 3 teams from the league above and won 1 drew 1 and lost 1 so not the worst. The rest of the teams we played were non league and aside from a draw with our Reserves and NFK we did pretty well. No money was spent and the majority came in before I was manager in the end we brought in a loan just in an area of absolute need for us. Eveny Bal - Great little Right Winger who will get plenty of game time with us this year. Should do very well at this level. Dmitriy Verkhovtsov - My first signing when I came in. Very good Defender who is maybe at the end of his career but has experience at the highest level in Belarus, Russia and Poland. Very good signing Alexandr Kobets - Good midfield player who can play in the middle or a little further forward. Good player and will likley be the creative out put for us. I was hoping to bring in a few more new faces but budget constraints would not allow it. This will just have to do moving into the season.
  10. FC ORSHA I have decided to take over a relatively unknown team in Belarus. They have no real history to note other than a runner up spot in the cup in the 70s. My aim is to build a bit of a dynasty with this team in Belarus. Then onto Europe. I will look to not only bring players in but also develop my own home grown stars for the National Team. As you can see from my squad is a little small, I do have some youngsters in the youth team and reserves who may be brought in. I dont pay too much attention to the star ratings as they are based on this league so no real stars here. As you can see from my Facilities there is not much to write home about. We dont even own our own Stadium. Onwards and upwards things cant get much worse can they.
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