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  1. Torino- Season Review Competitions / Graph I took over with the club looking at the possibility of a relegation battle if the form did not pick up. We were a little hit and miss for the remainder of the year as in some games we looked amazing but in others we did not turn up at all. I had the team for 18 games before the end of the year, I won seven of them, drew six and lost five. As you can see we were the most middling of middling sides. I was happy to finish 12th I dont think we were ever able to move much higher. I was out of the cup before I joined. F
  2. Cheers pal, I dont think I have ever seen them finish higher than about 10th in nay of my saves, maybe I can awaken the sleeping giant
  3. I had to wait all the way until the 15th of Jan for another job, but it was a job I had been looking at for a number of years. Torino. I love this club but for maybe the wrong reasons. I like the fact that they have always been in the shadow of the bigger team in the city. I also enjoy learning about the issues they have had throughout the years from Superga to the issues the players like Gigi Meroni have had. I find this club in a time of a few issues. They are still in Serie A but have done absolutely nothing of note finishing no higher than 13th. I would love to return them to Il Grande Tor
  4. Roma - Season Review Competitions / Graph We had a very good squad and I am a little unsure as to why I found the squad this far down the league table. We soon sorted that as we won and won and won, it just seemed to not stop. We shot up the table, we could never win the title, at some stages it looked like we could even make the Champions League. We faltered a little bit towards the end but in the end 5th was tremendous. We won a game in the cup but then lost in the quarter finals. I was through in Europe and we met Club Brugge who we beat. We then beat two Dutch teams
  5. We have hit the big time finally. I take the Roma job on the 22nd of December 2028. Most people know the history of Roma being one of the biggest sides in Italy. There success came in the 80s and late 90s, early 200s. Those of us who played CM01/02 I am sure will all hold them close to our heart. In game they have done absolutely nothing, the best being Runners Up in the Coppa Italia twice and one in the Europa League. In game they have been consistently a top 6 club but this year find themselves in 16th. We are still in the Europa League and also the Coppa Italia, first job will
  6. Pescara - Season Review Competitions / Graph The League was not too much of a worry really this year as like I had predicted we were by far the best team in the league. Ascoli did well for a bit but they soon dropped off the pace and could not get back anywhere near us. Modena were another team that caused us issues as did Padova but in the end we did not have any challenges really. We won the Serie C Cup as well at the end of the year which was fantastic Finances / Transfers I felt a huge responsibilty to try and get the team back to something l
  7. Pescara - Season Review Competitions / Graph This team is maybe the best in this league. I could not get my head around why we were struggling so much when I took over. I did not take me long to get this team up to scratch we won and just kept winning. We only lost three games and drew one. All the rest we won. We nearly made a run to the title, but Livorno just had a little too much for us. We went into the playoffs and got to the semi finals where Carpi beat us 3-0 in the first leg and we could not recover in the second leg. Finances / Transfers
  8. I left Venezia at the end of the season as it is not really a club that I can see doing anything in Serie A. I had to wait all the way until December for a new job and this one was a fairly big one. With Pescara not a team of too much note but they have been in Serie A fairly recently. They were relegated from Serie B three years ago and now find themselves in Serie C which is not where they belong. I get the task of taking Pescara back up they are presently 14th in the league, off to the Abruzzo region I go
  9. Venezia - Season Review Competitions / Graph If we are honest these team was so much better than the 10th spot that they had found themselves in before I took over. We dominated teams in Serie B from the outset, we could not be stopped. Our first game was a 4-0 victory, before the end of the season we won four other games 4-0 as well as 7-2. We went top of the league with a game to go, as we won the last two games it meant that I would record another Serie B title. Finances / Transfers The bank balance looks reasonable as we are in the black bef
  10. I had to wait right until the end of December for a new job, it was not for the want of other clubs. I was seemingly a highly sort after candidate, I rejected numerous offers for jobs, either because they were not suitable for the challenge or because I felt I could do better. The job I was considering was Genoa they were bottom of Serie A and 7 points off safety. I felt I could keep them up but the budgets they were offering was not there either. So the job for me was Venezia yet again another team that have been built from ashes. They are another side I remember from being a Serie A team. Th
  11. Bari - Season Review Competitions / Graph We were tremendous this year and could not be stopped. I should have known it was going to be a very good year when we beat Brescia 5-0 in the first game of the season. That was a little bit of a false start as we did not win any of the next four games, but then we went on an amazing run and seemed like we could not be stopped. We lost the odd match here and there, one annoying one was a loss to rivals Lecce who were near the top with us, but also local rivals. Come the turn of the year we were incredible and never really looke
  12. That sounds like a superb save, how you getting on Yeah it maybe but I have some ideas to do if I dont find a team
  13. Bari - Season Review Competitions / Graph Well here I am in Bari, a team with that badge always reminds me of Cornflakes. That was totally off point apologies. We came in near the bottom of the table and in real danger of going down. I really feel that if I got relegated we would be relieved of our duties. I lost two of my first three games and I was worried that I may have made the wrong choice. We then won 7 of our next 9 games drawing the other two. This really pulled us out of the mire and on the verge of a surprising playoff run, I did think we were good enough for
  14. Well I think that this is a step up and I think this is a big club. This could however be because of bias towards the early 90s of Italian Football. The club I take over are not the same. We are 17th in Serie B after 18 matches. So I think the first job here will be to pull us away from the bottom of the league. Bari is based in the southernly region of Apulia the heel on the boot of Italy. As a club, Bari as I said I think are a huge club. Once again this is a club that have risen from the flames of bankruptcy and are a slightly different club but hold all the history of the old club. It was
  15. Potenza Calcio - Season Review Competitions / Graph What an amazing season we had. If I am honest we never really looked in any danger of not winning the league. We pulled ahead early on by just winning near enough every game. We did not just beat teams but we absolutely destroyed them. We were by far the best team in the league. We did hit a little bit of a sticky patch mid season when we lost a few to injuries once again but we soon powered through it to get to the top of the table again. The only danger we really had was Vibonese they had beaten us towards the end of
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