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  1. When regens are promoted to your under 18s I'd like the data on them to be better. Arsenal as an example, should have an academy director (Liam Brady) as should other clubs with academy's. Then, when new players are generated instead of just 'Player x has been highlighted as the best out of the current crop', I'd like to see media such as: '4 of these players have been capped at England youth level, these are players w, x, y and z' or, 'Player x is particularly talented and has captained England at under 16 level, whilst z, y and w have also played'
  2. I do remember a game called Ulitmate Soccer manager where you could offer bribes and bungs, or fix matches. It was funny, but also a little bit stupid. I don't know if i would want the whole tapping up issue in there, and I think that there is other work to be done on agents before that happens. IMO, agents should be added in the same way that refs are, they should have stats which could then influence the players they are affiliated with. So a player with a very greedy and ambitious agent could end up screwing over his club, whereas a young player with a level agent could stay and progress before moving on?
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