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  1. With out Mods i have no issue and with mods now the same no issue to time when i quit and restart
  2. Now I reinstall i can play i have quit an start normale now i test wiht mods The Mods i use the Trophie mod, PMSC Portrait Facepack 7.00 and Steel 18 Logos Megapack all from http://fmscout.com
  3. The code can not be continued because vpxmt.dll, icudt59.dll can not be found I can not constantly reinstall the game after I've finished it and I want to start it later (played with mods and Xbox Game Pass) I test it now with out mods make a resinstall now and play and quit and restart
  4. fm.exe - system error The code can not be continued because icuuc59.dll was not found.
  5. Is there any way about the game pass to access the DB folder or will there be this so that this can be used here "Football Manager 2019 Real Names License Fix"
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