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  1. Since the patch, I have done a season in both the Indian league and the Australian league without being defeated, neither unlocked the achievement. Before the patch, I also went undefeated in the English Premier League. I mention this as I'm not sure if you changed the code in the patch or found it to be working originally and left it alone. The Xbox app still shows that no one has unlocked it, so either there is some unknown condition associated with unlocking it or it remains broken. To be honest, the communication and interest in trying to fix them is refreshing to see. With regard to the inactive achievements, I understand that they can't easily be removed/or have their description updated due to Microsoft policy, however I'd like to echo the suggestion to alter the requirements (ignoring the mismatch of description and condition). Would this be possible? Cheers.
  2. Thanks for the patch. The fantasy draft looks really slick and I'm sure a lot of work went into its implementation. It's appreciated. Many of the achievements were fixed too However, as mentioned, three are still broken: Invincible! - Your team played the entire season without losing a league game. Video Director - You uploaded a video on YouTube.Spread the News - You posted a status update. Hopefully they can be addressed in a future patch.
  3. These are the ones that are confirmed broken for everyone currently: Cup Glory - You won a top domestic cup. Invincible! - Your team played the entire season without losing a league game. What a Goal! - Your player collected a goal of the month award. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These ones are "broken" due to the services not being in the game (I know they're going to be added but just for the purpose of providing the full picture, I will note them here) Video Director - You uploaded a video on YouTube. Spread the News - You posted a status update. Head-to-Head -You have won a match against another person on a Network Game. Invitational -You invited a friend to a Network Game. Living the Dream -You have played against an AI team in Fantasy Draft Mode. Beat your Mates - You won a Fantasy Draft competition. All of the others are obtainable. I have only used a brand new Game Pass save and the above do not unlock, not for me or anyone else on this version (based on the TrueAchievements website: https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Football-Manager-2019/achievements).
  4. That's ok, I was more confused than anything. Thanks for looking into it. If you could also fix the other broken achievements, that would be appreciated. I've encountered much the same as below.
  5. I spent about 15 minutes looking through the menus for the option to link social media, but it isn't there. I can understand it not being a main priority but it's weird to have achievements for doing things that aren't even in the game. lol. The game itself is great though; I'm glad to be able to play it on Game Pass.
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