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  1. I made a screenshot of the insane agent fee incase anyone is curious, also slight edit, it was 149 million that I have at my disposal in the transfer budget, and it is the same the agent is asking for....
  2. Good day herne79, Thank you for the welcome! Well I am not sure if it is a bug or not, I just found it very extreme and figured well it is Mbappé the most expensive player around, but this is pretty out there...hehe. I do not know if I have a save file from before trying to sign Mbappé but I will have a look and check out the other section of the forum. About the Board limits, I am aware I cannot offer his desired wages, but maxing out on the wages im allowed to spend on a contract should not put me at risk I hope? If they would put me at risk I am not quite sure why the option to offer the 260k/pw is there. I always try to make sure that I do not enter the red if possible but would have done so for Mbappé this time around as he fits the style I want to play perfectly and sold quite a few players just for that end. Maybe I will just have to wait a season and try again after selling 1 or 2 players more. Thanks for the advice though!
  3. Hello there WorcesterLegend, Well I dont really know what I could have done to get on his bad side, I cant recall ever dealing with him before and its the first time I entered into contract talks with Mbappé. I dont really fancy the idea of signing players hes also the agent for just to get a doable deal on Mbappé, but I guess i can take a look that never hurts. I dont know if this really makes a big difference but since you suggested it I shall look into it considering you say it can discount 75%, thank you!
  4. Greetings and salutations, I have been playing FM manager on and off for a couple of years by now. This year I started with Juventus, set up my entire squad and tactics. I found that I could use a pacey striker for the tactics and looked to Mbappé to fill that void. Come half season and the first transfer window is nearing its opening. I put Mbappé as top transfer for a few weeks or a month now, I also asked Chiellini to promote the club to him ( I should have chosen Ronaldo, but I did not find out till later that he was Mbappé´s idol) so with that he is extremely interested to join my team. I sold some players to get the funds to get him - Mandzukic, Khedira, Pjanic and also looking to sell gonzalo and cancelo. Now I have around 160 Million in the transfer budget. I made some huge and I mean huge offers to PSG which they all reject, 100 million all direct 150 million all direct, I even went as far as offering 350 Million with 70 upfront and the rest in monthly and bonusses. Well I finally somehow managed to get PSG to accept a deal which was doable and left me around 50 60 million still in the transfer budget for the dreaded signing on fee and agent fee. Now here is where the problem appears, which drove me to madness and led me to make a account here and post this. The wage that the agent wants for Mbappé is 350k and I can only spend on his wage like 260k or so, not a big deal I think we could come to a deal with bonusses and other things if that was the only issue. His agent however, has the gall to ask for exactly the amount of transfer budget that I have as his agent FEE...so he is asking for around 160 million as his fee. I bring the wage down to the max I can pay, I bring the agent fee down a stellar 140 million to 18 million the max I could pay him and every bonus the contract allows and push it to the max, even appereance fees from 80k he wanted to the max I can spend which is 170k every game...Unused sub to max 170k...win the champions league to max 3.3 million...even give him 50% off the next sale, you name it I offered it all maxed out. Needlessly to say he rejected, insisting that he and Mbappé himself were off a single mind, when proposing that giving him the desired agent fee would help alot in sealing the deal, he then promptly pushed the agent fee back to where he initially put it back to the exact amount of transfer fee I have and implying that I better make a good offer on the next try or this deal is over. So I wonder, is the game trying to block me from buying Mbappé by setting the agent fee up exactly the max amount of transfer fee that I have? He will most likely sign in this transfer window for another club anyways for probably a WAY cheaper deal than I was willing to ( I would break the bank for him, but the game does not even let me...) Also if anyone has any tips, that I could apply to perhaps signing Mbappé I would be grateful as I am not a veteran of this game I just played some iterations of this game. I do apologize for the wall of text, but this drove me quite bonkers...also thank you for your time and have a nice day, Gobbledygook
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