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  1. So no matter I holiday for, I'm told that left the post too early for my application to be considered. Then they singed a new manager end of May. Went back to the week before the signing, and was told that I left the post too early again. @Neil Brock Is there some way for me to use the editor to force myself back into the role?
  2. I can't show it currently, but my national pool had well over 80 eligible players, and both Chinese leagues are loaded (very large save). Even if that wasn't the case, my team that I chose for Olympic Qualifiers are all eligible to play at the U23 level during the Olympics
  3. The game won't let me see any details regarding my contract, even at older savepoints.
  4. I just started my save unemployed, and landed the gig for China U23s. I played through Championship Qualifiers, and then there was a few months break before the actual championship. In 2020, I finished third in U23 AFC Championship, which means I should be qualified for the Olympics. But the moment I save after the game, my inbox says I left the post. Not fired, but left the post on my own. Whenever I tried to apply for vacant position, I'd be told it's been too soon since I left the job. So my question: is this me being sacked, or standard procedure? I know the next friendly was is set for the end of March, so will I be able to get my job back before then? I'm really in no rush to touch this until I can get this cleared up. Thank you in advance for any help the forum can offer.
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