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  1. Hello again, i have this issue in the stadium of Ontinyent of Spain in the match and replay, i can't post this in match engine, my NVIDIA Video Card version is 431.36 the latest version and smoothing lines config is High.
  2. Sorry for the misunderstanding is 19.1.0 database not 12.1.0
  3. BREAKING: The editor doesn't give a crash dump with 19.3.0 Why?
  4. Hello i play FM19 and before i want play Liga Aguila (from Colombia) in 12.1.0 database without foreign limit in the beginning, but thanks to no more foreign editor data file, i dont feel any problem, i feel curious for the crash dump, in add new leagues and cups, i can convert to advanced rules, but in add new lower leagues to existing structures crash dump appear clicking the convert to advanced rules button, even the editor files from other users appears
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