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  1. no custom database and it was rescheduled for Eurocup fixtures, combined with Carabao and the mid season World Cup the game just put two fixtures the day after one another which shouldn't be possible - made me miss the preston fixture for a carabao cup match
  2. I have this exact problem, let me know if you find a resolution!
  3. As you can see in the image below the season should be finished but i still have to play a match against Preston, if i advance through transfer window up untill the new season will start the league won't start. Please help! I got back to back to back promotions with Northampton to the prem, and i dont think ill ever achieve this feat again and im gutted to let this save go over this issue.
  4. Yeah got nya Kirby back, Ethan laird, Camacho and joe powell who always manages to do a job for me, in top two after ten games but expecting a dip in form soon
  5. I got back to back promotions with Northampton town now I'm in championship in start of season 20/21 with 600k transfer budget and 30 k wage, any suggestions of signings? Gonna have the scrap of my bloody life to stay up
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