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  1. Hallelujah! My download region is now Australia & it worked!!
  2. I can't download any game. Same message: manifest unavailable.
  3. Literally wiped everything related to Steam off the computer, reinstalled and same issue.
  4. is there a librarys folder on mac? It doesn't give me that option under "Go"
  5. Is there anyway to reverse the update as there were no issues before? I've seen on the Steam support page that others are having a similar problem. It had to be triggered by this update therefore is there a way to revert?
  6. Just tried again and it is back to the old manifest unavailable error message.
  7. Didn't work but this time the error message is slightly different, it says: An error occurred while updating Football Manager 2019 (connection time out)
  8. Manifest unavailable appears every time yes. I've already tried changing steam region but will reset the network and see if it makes any difference.
  9. By the way I am also a Liverpool fan so help a brother out!
  10. Perhaps it was slightly earlier than 2013 but my point remains. All other functions work highly efficiently.
  11. Surely it can't be the case that because I do not have the latest OS I cannot load up fm?
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