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  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to move the match speed controller out of the Settings tab and onto the top bar? If so, anyone who could try to tell me how? Alternatively, is there any skin that already does this? Thanks.
  2. It says "Board request is currently being actioned" so hopefully they wil start building the stadium as planned. Thanks!
  3. The board had agreed to build a new stadium, but one year before the planning stage was complete the board made the club proffesional and the stadium plans magicaly dissapeared. I can't even ask the board to build a new stadium (dosen't own the one we are playing on). So my question is: Are there still plans for the stadium but they are not showing, so in 1 year (when planning stage should be complete) the building will begin? if not will I never be able to build a new stadium, or will the option come back after a while? Hope anyone can help me Suprimos
  4. Oh, thanks Cleon I thought this thread had some great points
  5. This tactic looks a lot like this one for fm 10.3 http://www.multiupload.com/YSWUK7VN8C (Megauplaod link working)... I don't remember who made it but I doubt it is sherica-
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