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  1. I’m in my 5 season with Everton, this is my first year where I’m in champions league and want to challenge for the league. I DONT want a wonderkid as I’ve got a young striker, who’s that, I need someone between the age of 24-28 who can score plenty, needs to be suited to deep lying or complete as that’s what I tend to switch between. Cheers
  2. Is there a way to download someone else’s tactic for set pieces, or any possible tips for best routines. Don’t have to be complexed just simple and effective.
  3. I read this to late and lost again, but thanks for the help hopefully I’ll reach another one, very gutted now ruined my weekend.
  4. I’ve been playing football manager since fm08 and never won silverware, I’ve gained promotion from leagues but never won a major trophy. I’ve been in a few finals but usually bottle it, I’ve had 4 semi finals in 3 season with my Everton team and lost 3 out of the 4, this is the first one I’ve progressed. Any tips for how to manage the game well, or is it simply me having no luck?
  5. I play Jack AP (A) in 4-1-2-3 he’s my best player ( Everton ) now I’ve changed system to 4-2-3-1 to inconsistent In results and his performances has dropped in a CAM position, thoughts.
  6. Okay thanks for all the help I’ll take your advice on board
  7. I’ve tried the winger support complete forward and deep lying forward and results have got worse, and lacking even more goals, with three games in a row with 0 goals, My main striker is out injured which could be a reason for the dip in form. I feel the IF both on attack were working but maybe the midfield could create the chances for the striker.
  8. Okay cheers, tomorrow, after work, I’ll send you a picture of the best front three. I feel it’s good enough to get us Europa League but I would have to improve to get champions league football. So as you look at for example the two wide players will you tell me why they suit the winger role (s) or inside forward (a), just so I can get an insight in to what to look for, when strengthen that position etc.
  9. Do you think that front three would work if the players didn’t suit the roles or do you suggest buying players for the roles you’ve suggested
  10. Thanks for the response, so one of the main problems I seem to be having is not defensively, it’s more the inconsistency in attack. Do you recommend to put the complete forward on support as that’s the position I am expecting more of. My inside forwards on attack offer a lot to this team and are pivotal in the good games we have. Also I’ll take the advice of dropping slighly deeper, just the one ball playing defender and not using tight marking. Do you think the wing backs and the midfield could be tweaked to improve our consistency. I’m now at the beginning of December and positioned in 6th which is where I want to be at the end of the season but feel like with the lack of goals from my centre forward we could dip if we have injuries in the wide areas. Cheers Ben
  11. In my third season with Everton, the first two season I finished 10th and 9th but now In October, 8 games gone and I seem to be going backwards instead of aiming for European football. Any tips? Never won anything in the 10 years I’ve played football manager but think the squad I’ve got is good enough to with a few additions in the coming season or 2? Cheers Ben
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