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  1. See this is the annoying thing I don’t spend any money, I try and do little things what I’ve seen on the internet to try and be better financial but nothing’s helping. In the summer I could make close to £40M again by selling the same players I did first save.
  2. This is my 4th attempt of doing my favourite team Wigan. The last 3 attempts have always stopped as by the 3rd season I have 0 money. The first time I tried Wigan this year I made close to £40M but only spent £6M. Apparently the finances of the club was still struggling. Is there anything I can do to prevent this occurring once again. Now I’ve tried doing different teams but I just don’t find it fun managing other teams.
  3. The reason I’m against putting my defence line higher up is I’d say 80% of opposition chances were coming from over the top balls. I’m debating, do you think it’d be a good idea to put my Left full back on either (a) or as a wing back. If I was to put it on wing back do you recommend attack or support duty. Usually when I put wing back in a back 4 my defence seems to start leaking a lot more. Cheers
  4. Hi guys, I’m 2nd in League 1 with Sunderland but I feel like I could make a few tweaks to make this tactic better. Any tips you can think of which may improve my results even further. The team doesn’t create many clear cut chances, but are prolific when they get a chance.
  5. I’ve downloaded WorkTheSpace’s squad view, extracted the files all that jazz but can’t find the files anywhere. They’re in the correct file when I load my document page but when I go on football manager and click documents nothing is there.
  6. Right so I’ve played 4 seasons worth with my hometown team Wigan and just can’t succeed with them never have, never will. I always try but I want to freshen it up. Any recommendations for teams to be. I prefer road to glories but I need help in terms of finances. I was thinking maybe a good league 1 team.
  7. Is there anything I can do to prevent this or is it just as simple as getting better players. The problem I have is I don’t have any budget at all so buying loan and frees who are decent but I don’t feel improve the squad massively. I’ve got a left back who’s on 15k p/w who’s one of my better players is it worth selling him just to gain a bit of money? I refuse to sell my centre half as he’s perfect for the way I want to play with good pace, great at playing out from the back, great defending. I really want to keep him till I get to the premier league.
  8. Every time I feel like I’ve cracked a new tactic for example I had one with my old Wigan save which I went 10 games winning then after my first loss I didn’t win for about 5 games and kept going on bad runs. I made little tweaks etc. So I started fresh Wigan save, 1st season I was in playoffs for the majority of season even automatics for periods then March time I went on a another bad run which made me drop to 10th. Where am I going wrong? I’ve now scrapped these multiply instruction tactics. I had started a clean slate tactic with a 2-3 instruction, back to basics. Is that a good idea ?
  9. Okay cheers I’ll try some of your tips. I will have to sell my key players to try gain a bit of money
  10. Okay cheers pal, I’ve tried the 2 bullet point but they won’t allow it due to the poor finances so I’ll have to sell players I don’t want to sell unfortunately.
  11. First question is how can I improve my finances. I’m coming towards the end of my first season with Wigan. I’m in championship yet somehow I’m £5 mill in debt. Firstly how come I’m so In debt when I haven’t spent any money? Also how do I improve that quickly so I have a budget for 2nd season. Secondly how to improve the regens coming through your academy every single year I do Wigan (long term save) I get absolutely no one good enough for even championship level. Thank you for any advice!
  12. I’m in my 5 season with Everton, this is my first year where I’m in champions league and want to challenge for the league. I DONT want a wonderkid as I’ve got a young striker, who’s that, I need someone between the age of 24-28 who can score plenty, needs to be suited to deep lying or complete as that’s what I tend to switch between. Cheers
  13. Is there a way to download someone else’s tactic for set pieces, or any possible tips for best routines. Don’t have to be complexed just simple and effective.
  14. I read this to late and lost again, but thanks for the help hopefully I’ll reach another one, very gutted now ruined my weekend.
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