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  1. When i first come to Hertha I'd say certainly not but I feel like I've improved the team well enough to be getting Europa League. I think i am going to change style as of poor perfomances and only being mid-table.
  2. Box to Box also tried a BWM. Do you think my midfield duo is the main issue?
  3. Struggling with this system. 1st season was decent, finished 8th and Bayern Munich knocked me out of the German cup. I want to play a gegenpress attacking style. I feel like I'm massively underachieving, got some good wonder kids who suit this tactic and the roles etc but feel like i need some advice. Going forward not to bad, in the top half for goalscoring in the league. I do feel like that could improve even more, as the team isn't creating many chances. Majority of goals being long shots or set pieces. Defensively woeful. Any tips welcome, cheers.
  4. I’ve had a rethink after what you’ve said. The style I want to play is fast attacking football. I’ve not played a game using this tactic as I wanted your opinion. I know the left side of my team is very attacking with FB (A) and an IF (A). The only reason I want to try this is with IF (s) he never seems to perform when he’s a good player with good finishing so I want him to try and get into the box. The FB (A) is better at going forward than Defending with great pace and half decent crossing. I felt like I needed one of my midfielders to cover that left side therefore I’ve put a BWM (D) as I w
  5. Okay thank you! Should I start by looking through Serbia I believe that’s a good nation to look at. I find the world/transfer/youth intake method too long. I’ve got a few on my shortlist from a team in Paraguay
  6. I’m in my 4th season with Wigan and want to find some good regens. I’ve found a couple that my scout has recommended me but they’re far to expensive! I’ve watched a few tutorials on YouTube but wondering what’s the most effective method?
  7. I’m going into my 4th season with Wigan and I feel like I need to tweak my tactic. I’ve played the 4-1-4-1 DM Wide. It’s been really successful. First season I finished 10th when I was tipped to go down. Second season I won the playoffs getting into the premier league. Last season (3rd) just stayed up on the last day of the season. My main issue with the previous tactic was my wide players. Throughout the whole save my Winger (r) on Attack has been brilliant always chipped in with goals and assists. On the other side I’ve been playing an IF (S) and he hasn’t performed but because the team was
  8. I need some recommendations for my Wigan team. I’m on a low budget but want to try get some good young players. I need an IF right footed to play on the left. Winger right footed and a right back and a goalkeeper. Any recommendations welcome
  9. Yeah I’ve tried about with playing IF on the left in Anthony Pilkington who’s a good player lacks pace. I may try that again and use less instructions like Experienced Defender has suggested. A difficult one for me to weigh up as we are playing well, 13th in the league and I’m trying to think could I get much more out of a Mediocre championship team.
  10. See my thinking probably doesn’t make sense and that’s why it’s not working. As I want a style that’s mixed but effective, like I don’t want to be route one direct get balls in the box, I want to try and play nice football with an effective end product. My fullbacks on both sides are a strong point to the team they are both great at getting forward and defensively I’ve been good all season. Do you think removing overlaps would effect the fullbacks performances?
  11. I’m in my first season with Wigan, my results aren’t too bad and I’m quite content with how the save is going but I feel like a could do with a bit of tactical advice to help me get the best out of my wingers. The style I’m trying to play is short passing but progressive. I’d like the ball to be going outwide and try to be delivering into the box. Any tips welcome?
  12. I have quick wingers who are average at best, a decent target man for championship level. A good midfield in terms of winning the ball back but average in terms of creating chances. My back up striker is a decent pressing forward as well as my wonderkids which I’ve not found his best position
  13. Yeah pF is what I’ve had most joy with In fm20 and the striker I want to play long term has got some half decent pf stats. What’s the key stats for a target man to do well?
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