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  1. Me and 4 friends tried making a online career last night, 4 using PCs, 1 using a laptop via the Xbox PC Game Pass. 4 using PC created a server each and nobody could connect, after clicking join game and entering password it would load then stay on the server screen and when clicking join game again it would give the "unable to connect to server" message. Then they guy using a laptop created a server, we all got in but it was super slow and unplayable. Has anyone come across a fix? cheers.
  2. I have gained access by following this site (link for anyone with the same problem) Now just the worry of where do I copy my saves to? https://www.maketecheasier.com/access-windowsapps-folder-windows-10/
  3. Thank you Smurf, located and showing hidden file now, but not granting me access. Any help appreciated.
  4. Hi guys, so at first I downloaded and played FM through Xbox Game pass for PC, then started encountering problems where the game was crashing, I ended up uninstalling FM and tried for a fresh install but the game wouldn't install through the Game Pass app so decided to download it through Microsoft Store on the PC, that worked but now only problem is I can't find a folder to put my game saves into so I can continue on with my save and not have to restart a new one. Has anyone any idea on how I can put my save onto FM that was downloaded from the MS store? I've tried looking for one but can't seem to see anything. Thank you.
  5. Only thing I can do so is restart new game with all leagues selected?
  6. Only have England selected. Any idea if I am able to change that and select more? Thanks
  7. I'm currently with Manchester United and wanting a change, when I go into jobs it only shows jobs in England available and international jobs.. I got a message saying the ajax manager joined Belgium and ajax are looking for a new manager and when I go to jobs, it isn't there and also when clicking into the ajax club page it doesn't give the apply for job option.. Any help appreciated
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