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  1. Anyway - what about my inflation idea, that's the best one, and you didn't mention it. Also, if you only criticize - people expect to get it bk. what are your suggestions anyway............
  2. Another great idea I've had, is that a player will come to you and say can I miss the next match for the birth of my child and you can accept/reject it
  3. Inflation - prices, wages, transfers should all be increasing year on year. Rehab - every once in a while you should have a player whose form goes to ****, then he comes to you and says he's got a cocaine/alcohol problem then you have to let him go to rehab for 6 months and you have the option to lie to the press and say its a back injury. If you lie for him he comes back better if you don't he falls off the wagon. Other creative anomalies - there should be more one off events available that are really shocking like real life; career ending injuries, player feuds not just manager feu
  4. How ling AFTER a new stadium has been built must you wait to build a new one? In old threads I've seen a guy at Ajax who built a new stadium every 20 years, and also heard numerous other people talking about the "20 year rule". However, recently I've seen people say its 25 years... Does anyone know for sure what the minimum number of years is between new stadiums?
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