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  1. Nice tactic. I've been using something similar with Eastleigh (similar shape and set-up, but a variation of 5-2-3 / 3-4-3 / 3-2-2-3) and I tried out your HOLD variation for FA Cup games at home to Everton in the third round and then Spurs in the fifth (I wanted a defensive tactic to get a draw and an away replay). It worked
  2. I play with Saints too. You could be drastic and move to a 3-4-3 (5-2-3 WB). Ward-Prowse is great as a WBR and with the wealth of strikers you have three up front would peg teams back and (hopefully) smash teams into submission.
  3. Heed this advice. It is what friendlies are there for. I can think of many matches that I've watched all the way through, with a specific player or players highlighted, not paying any attention to what else is happening just to work what they do and how they react to certain instructions. For example, I watched a few matches with my two wide men highlighted to see the difference between a WB(s/a) and a DW(s). The WBR was a WB on support in the first half and attack in the second, the ML was set as a DW(s). In the next match, the WBR was a CWB (a) and the ML a DW with PIs. From this I was able to conclude that in my system a midfielder in DW(s) actually provides a better defensive option than my left fullback + I can make him act like a CWB(a) (stay wide, get forward, cross from byline etc.) with PIs. I would never have used a DW(s) from reading the player roles description. I have only made this decision based on watching the individual players and ignoring the rest of the action.
  4. My advice would be to give up on three at the back. It can be solid and effective, but you can achieve the same (or better) solidity with a flatback four with WBs or FBs that bomb on. Every year I talk myself into a system with three at the back, beautiful play, a solid defence and always with an extra man... and every year I pragmatically revert to four. In my experience, in order to make it stable you need someone in the DMC position or an MC (d). This doesn't sound daft or unreasonable, but with three already committed at the back + another on defensive duty, you're using an extra man that could be made available with a flatback four. All that said, I do aspire to one year convincing myself to stick with three at the back. Note: I'm not sure if I consider Rashidi's 2 CDs with a Libero a three at the back system. It looks like it on paper, and probably is if the Libero is on defend - but probably plays like a defensive midfielder / regista if on support...
  5. I'm finding something very similar. I have a slightly different setup a (DLP(s), CM(s/a) and B2B(s) and a DFL(s) and CF (a) (Berahino and J.Rod), but also get caught out against teams with 2 strikers and an AM. What is worse is that after managing Saints to second in the first season, in season 2 have been spanked 5-0 twice by Arsenal and PSG who both play 4-2-3-1. The advantage of a fluid system is that I can make a few shape alterations in-match, but what I love about the 3-5-2 is the shape and I have to change it for defensive stability...!
  6. I play as Southampton. We are fluid, control, play out from defense and pass into space - so fairly attacking. If I need to close down a game I start by removing pass into space and add retain possession. I might switch to standard, counter usually invites too much pressure (unless I'm already getting done for possession...). If I'm 2 goals up I might go to contain - but usually only for the last 10 mins. The other trick is to change my my WBa to FBd (or fb s)/
  7. Fantastic post and another great thread. Do you think you could play this (same instructions etc.) with a Regista instead of an AMc? If so, what would the DLPs become? B2B or APa or CMa or even stay as a DLPs?
  8. Hi, has anyone made or found a skin for FM Touch yet? I created one last year but haven't had the time this year and am not enjoying the base skin...!
  9. I'm 38 and have been playing it every year since I was 14... I'm definitely too old for the full fat version, but Touch works well for me.
  10. Sounds fun. I'm trying to download the base tactic but it won't work - can you send it or is there another link...?
  11. I use him as a CM D. He's awesome. I'm now 5 seasons in, have trained him mostly as an RPM and as a CM and added extra tackling training (he's either 12 or 14 for tackling). As a CM D he wins the ball, picks out a pass (some amazing assists from deep) and arrives late where he either belts one in from distance (he's won goal of the season and 2nd in best Champions League goal) or plays an incisive through ball.
  12. Have you thought about a counter version...? The contain version is useful for closing a game down, but when I'm 3-0 up in a must win, I am loathed to switch to contain for the second half or after 60 mins...
  13. You'd think that, but it works quite well. Both the MCR and MCL provide cover on the wings, in fact the central three move across as a unit. The problem is (obviously) that an attacking team has a simple overlap, particularly against a 4231 and while the cover provoded by the MCL or MCR mitigates this to an extent, because the central 3 move as a unit, I get done easily if the other team play a cross field ball to the other wing. CWBs are a joy to watch though...
  14. Thank you. I guess playing with CWBs is risk vs reward. I tried Control and WBs on support in a 4312 to no avail, but will give it a go in this system. Ridiculously since my original post I'm unbeaten in quite a few games - the RPM (instead of an AP) has balanced the midfield trio, although they are still fairly compact in defence. Stepping up to Control makes me kinda nervous, I shall watch with interest.
  15. I'm Southampton and it is mid-season 2019, the January transfer window is about to open. Last year I fluked the Premiership (11 draws and lots of 1-0 wins) and somehow won the Champions League with a defensive counter-attacking 442 diamond. This year my reputation has increased, I'm favourite for most matches and am struggling to break teams down. My original plan was to develop a defensive solid 4132 to use in those attritional encounters with the top 4 and away in the Champions League and then a more attacking 4312 (with help from Cleon's timely arts of attacking post) using a control style of play to camp in the opposition half, win the ball back high up the pitch and hot knife through butter our way through defenses... The 4312 looked pretty, movement was good but it was ultimately disastrous. Ripped apart with the occasional ball over the top and the shredded with crosses (despite usuing WBs on support) I was owned all pre-season and lost the Community Shield and European Super Cup. I'm now just running a 4132 - Standard, Flexible: Shorter Passing, Whipped Crosses, Push Higher Up, Close Down More, Prevent Short GK Distribution GK SW Def RB CWB At CDR CD Co CDL CD Def LB CWB At DM HB Def MCR RPM Sup MC CM At MCL BBM Sup SCR AF At SCL DLF Su The AF and DLF pull and push defenses, stretching them and the CWBs create width and an overlap pass. Most goals come from crosses. The CM At gets forward and is like the tip of a 442 diamond, but gets further back to defend. The HB and CDs are all quick and seem kinda solid - the opposition are limited to shots from distance, although I still get done by crosses. I have the feeling that I'm getting by with more luck than judgment... I'm after thoughts and advice to maximize the middle three (although any other thoughts would be greatly received). - The BBM is (in theory) my runner and my supprt to the HB, I tried a BWM but he was all over the place. - The RPM was an AP, but kept drifting ontop of the HB and CM in defense, doing nothing in attack. The RPM seems better. - The CM At is supposed to arrive late a la Frank Lampard... Any thought would be much appreciated.
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