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  1. It does seem a little bit attacking. But the CWB's are needed I feel, because we need the wide options to support Haller & Ings. Could be wrong, probably is. But we'll see lol Also, mentality will likely be balanced
  2. I'm on it. Haha! I've created a 5-2-1-2. Am I ok to show you that one too? I'm using it as a secondary formation
  3. This is where I'm at now. To me it looks more balanced. Hopefully a few tweaks away from something that could work!
  4. I feel like I'm going to try a 3-5-2 next season. Replicate Haller's form with Frankfurt. But this will definitely be on tactic list. I've slightly modified it a bit. I'll send a screenshot shortly. Do you have any suggestions for set-plays?
  5. Usually counter-attacking and patient build up. Oh, and set-plays
  6. I have a bad record against the top six and in away games. My team just tends to switch off in those games
  7. Glad you said this. I opted for a AP-S on the LCM. And Mez-A on the RCM. I think I put the LB on FB-S and the RB on WB-A but I'll be looking to change that around potentially. The CDM is now just a DM-D I've removed a few defensive instructions to see how that pans out
  8. What makes it so gung-ho? I just tried to make it different on each side. Offer different threats going forward
  9. So to begin with, this system worked. Haller was scoring more than I expected. We dominated sides. We looked good! Now, however, we lose away from home all the time & even struggle to get wins against anyone at home. Just after some pointers of how this can tweaked. Thanks.
  10. I've changed two roles after posting this. The LCM is now a BBM-S Sander Berge has been brought in for that role. Felipe Anderson is a IW-A. The reason I haven't gone with two up top is because we simply dont have anyone else to go there. The budget was small so after Berge there isn't room for anyone else. I've changed Rice to a DM-D. I'm going to work with training his Playmaker attributes in the preseason. The idea of Lanzini being a AP-A and Anderson being IW-A and even Berge on BBM is to get players in and around Haller
  11. Okay so hello everyone! I'm an average football manager player. I'm a big West Ham fan! Looking at our side and there's a lot of question marks. For example; you need two upfront to get the most out of Sebastian Haller. You have the attacking midfield options of Jack Wilshere, Pablo Fornals, Manuel Lanzini, Felipe Anderson, Andriy Yarmolenko and Michail Antonio (plenty!). So I guess my question is, how would you all set up West Ham United? I'm looking at Tiki-taka style. GK SK (A) Fabianski RB WB (S) Fredericks CB BPD (D) Cardoso (Want to inject some more youth) CB CD (D) Diop LB WB (S) Masuaku (but torn with Cresswell) CDM DLP (S) Rice CM AP (A) Lanzini CM RPM (S) Fornals RW W (S) Antonio LW IF (S) Anderson ST DLP (S) Haller I already see a couple of thinks I could change. Maybe Rice on a defend duty. Anderson on attack. What would you guys do? Thank you in advance.
  12. Basically the aim of this tactic, is to get support to Haller/Giroud in attacks. We used this formation last season and finished 6th (with the transfer ban) so I was relatively happy with it, throwing a EL SF in the there aswell. Anyway, I feel there is something missing in this. Can anyone offer me some advice on where I may be potentially going wrong?
  13. Yeah having read through this, I see it. I think I'll switch to a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-1-2-2-1 (wide)
  14. Okay, so I'm trying a wide diamond. First time (I believe) that I've tried this. Not going to lie, it's flopping. 4 losses, including at home to Aston Villa (1-3) and at home to Brighton (0-3). Our only win was a 3-1 win at home vs Chelsea (They went down to 10 men after 8 minutes) The idea is to have Rice bring the ball forward from the CDM position. He has support from Fornals & Anderson (LM). But also forward runs from the Poacher & the RM (Antonio). Plus there's always the option of hitting it to our target man. So there is plenty of options for anyone on the ball. We want to move the ball somewhat patiently. Where are my roles and TI's going wrong? Thank you!
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