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  1. I'll alter the LB role next game. As for the ST, I'm looking at a PF-A. Is there any other changes for away games?
  2. I'm back. Once again asking for some help on tactics. So I'm currently Wolves and you can see my set up. Plain and simple, what can/should I change for away games? At home we're playing well, getting some wins. Away from home I'm yet to win. The only thing I can think of is to lower the DL, remove offside trap & move the CAM into CM and switch Neto for Baro. Am I on the right tracks at all? If not, help a desperate man out.
  3. 100%! Will give it a try. We've finished 4th in our second season. So Europa League for next year. Probably a blessing. Our Champions LEague group this season was: - Real Madrid ( 0-0 at home, 0-1 loss away) - Liverpool (2-1 loss at Anfield, 3-4 loss at home. Both games through late goals) - Lazio (Beat them at home, lost 3-0 away) - Marseille So I'll take EL. Second best defence in the league. 6th best attack. So I can where the issue lies
  4. Hello mate! Save is going okay! Marseille don't really fund well.. Haha Just lost in another cup final, battered 3-0 by PSG. Tactic-wise, it's nice to finally have a bit of an identity! In terms of the LB position, I've moved to an IWB-D. Don't really have the player for it right now. So will look to add to this spot in the Summer window. I got rid of it initially just to suit Amavi, he's a better attacking full-back. I use pass into space because in the final third I really want to drill home that we need to hit the space when It's available. I've tried it without to some hit & miss results. So I might keep it on for now. I've never used a split block. Who & how would I implement it? Payet Is slowing down and is not in the side as much this season. He's been rotating with Radonjic (Who is an okay winger). For Payet though, he can dribble, he can cross, but he also cuts inside. So It's a bit more variety
  5. @OJ403 & @summatsupeer So I spent this morning checking out what I want from the side & what I think Is the right balance. Last season we finished 3rd (Massive effort for a side with no signings & no Thauvin for 3/4 of the season). So this season was always going to be difficult to live up to with only £7m to spend. I decided on my style of play, i guess. I want to exploit the spaces left by the movement in attack (CM-A, IF-A, W-S). But keep the ball when the space isn't there. Our midfielders strengths are mainly passing. We have good ball players in there now. I know it's not a style like "Possession" or "Counter-attacking". Here's my thinking behind each TI - Pass Into Space - Hit the space opened up by Giroud (mainly). Work The Ball Into The Box - We have dribblers and passers (who have good composure and decision making), so whilst hitting the space, why not try & get into their box to reduce the amount of daft long shots? Be More Expressive - Creative Freedom is something I love to give. Especially when we have flair players like Thauvin, Payet, Rongier). This is probably the TI that I'm most willing to remove. Distribute To Centre-Backs - Play the ball out of defence without pulling the Midfield too far back. Counter - Encourage our players to try and catch them out when they're out of shape. Again, using the runners & passers we have at our disposal. Higher Defensive line - Try and keep them pegged into their own as much as we can. Higher Line Of Engagement - Basically the same as the last. Except not a much higher line because we want to lure them out when we can. Main issues again, come back to lack of goals from open-play & our away form. We tend to struggle to get goals away from home right now.
  6. Yeah the last set up was a muddle. However I've changed it now but I'm using IWB/IF on both sides. The IWBs seem to still make overlapping runs. Just not as often. With West Ham I feel the side on paper was much better than this OM side. I want to play a more aggressive possession style at OM than I did at WH (Just possession for the sake of it at times) Besides the IWB/IF, is there any issues here?
  7. This is the situation I'm in now tactically and league table (very happy with our position. However, we're the lowest scores in the top 4. So the problem remains). We play to keep the ball but be effective with it. So I want runners (Thauvin, Sanson, Radonjic) to be making the movement when the opportunity arises. Keeping them pinned in their halve. Makes me wonder if I need a central playmaker?
  8. Also @OJ403 How do you stop a rut? We've just lost two games in a row against teams we should be beating. Now it feels like we just can't get a convincing attack going haha
  9. Yeah in regards to the questions, the one I struggled with was occupying the CBs. Payet is a Raumdeuter at the minute. He sits narrower & then Benedetto both occupy the RCB of the opposition. Then hopefully my attacking CM & RW IF-A both occupy their LCB. Payet is the player that I'm trying to make space for. Quite like Grealish last time. My style of play is to win the ball high up & suffocate their side in their own half. Use the talent we have in midfield to determine games. Some of the strengths and weaknesses I jotted down from the team comparison - Technical) Strenghths..Passing, Dribbling, First Touch Weaknesses..Marking, Tackling, Heading Physical) Strengths..Stamina, Pace, Acceleration Weaknesses..Strength, Jumping Reach and Balance Mental) Strengths..Composure, Concentration, Decisions, Determination, Teamwork, Vision, Workrate Weaknesses..Positioning, Aggression Mentally we're really strong compared to the rest of the league on the basis of team comparison. During games I notice we find the overlap very well. Defensively we actually look sound (apart from PSG killed us 3-0). Just like I say, from open play we don't create many CCC's as I'd like
  10. Your advice has certainly made it more understandable for me! So that, I'll take haha. I started late last night as Marseille. Thought it'd make for a fun 'sleeping giant' save. That & my love for Dimitri Payet.. The formation was tweaked a few games ago. I wanted someone to take defenders away from Payet, giving him more space to operate. His role is still up for debate. Results are good! However I'd say that our draws have been games we should have won most of. Main issue, we don't seem to dominate games & scored enough goals. Defensively we're doing sound. But again, could be to do with not playing Lyon or PSG yet.. Any advice?
  11. Really, really appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately in the Summer window Man United paid Grealish's release-clause. We struggled to replace him and ultimately got the sack after six games (matches were; Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Wolves, Man United & Spurs...) It was tough haha! However I do still struggle with building tactics. I'm too stubborn to download any. So any advice you could give in this thread or even by messaging me, that'd be so appreciated!
  12. Definitely appreciate that post! Something I'm going to look into. We've just lost 2-1 to Arsenal in the Carabao Cup Final, with 10 men for much of the game & their goals came from a CB and then a GK error. So a bit gutted but think the tactic COULD be onto something. I'll try and answer here, see what I'm missing. 1) I feel a little like yours. I want to attack but do that by keeping the ball. Not just lumping it up or counter-attacking being the sole focus. I want us to play the ball through our talented midfielders and look for space. So recently I've moved Grealish into the wide AP role (I'll explain on Q3). 2) So this would be a long response to type out individually. So I'll break it into areas. GK - Passing of 8 and First Touch of 10. Not someone to play SK-S/A. I feel defence is okay because I purely want him to play it to the FBs. But this is a role a I may change to just GK-D. DF - We have a great ball player in Martinez, Vision 16, Passing 15, First touch 14, he can defend too. So I want him to be the BPD. Look to play the ball into the middle. Try and find Grealish out wide. However, physically he's not perfect. Acceleration and pace are 13 & 12 respectively. Jumping reach is only 13 too. Diop is the beast in defence. Acceleration and pace are 13 and 14 respectively. Not the best in the league but definitely a good start point. Jumping reach 17. He's the one I look at to control the area from crosses. He's not a BPD, his passing is pretty poor. But I don't like having two BPDs so I'm okay with that. Full backs (Angelino and Hakimi) are quick. Can both defend and both attack. So I want them both to be an option going forward (Hakimi more than Angelino). Again, both are poor aerially (Hakimi is 12, so not the worst). So we can't really invite crosses. CMs - This is where I struggle with roles and ultimately losing balance in the middle. (In the picture Rice and Fornals would swap.) All my 3 CMs can play the ball, all have decent to good composure. Rice can defend, hence why i have him sitting. But ultimately they're there to relay the ball to our talented wingers - Which brings me to the wide men. Grealish is technically our most talented player. Bowen has the goal threat that JG lacks. Brought JG out wide because he was drowned out in the middle. Didn't notice him. Having him on the right allows space for Hakimi to overlap and pick a cross also. Bowen is our top scorer (I believe). JG's main downfall is his inability to track back and help protect the flanks. Bowen again doesn't have the defensive attributes but definitely has the determination and workrate to get back there. Upfront we have Moise Kean with Sebastian Haller on the bench. Haller being the more physical direct approach. Kean being the player who can get on the ball and run at them. Poor composure for Kean means that I need him on the end of chances. Not the one doing link up play outside the box. 3) Like I said, Grealish Is our main guy it seems. He can make things happen. 4) I want the Mezalla, PF, AP & IF-S to be the ones that keep the defenders occupied. There's also room there to have Hakimi with his overlaps. 5) Not overly control the centre. But use that area to funnel the ball to our wingers like I said. Maybe If I recruit better CMs for the Mez and Car roles, then we can control the centre but no just yet. Use it to work towards the wide-men. Does that show in the tactic? Is it structurally set up wrong? Or Is it a case of asking too much? Thank you!
  13. Defensively is an issue for me. I seem to mess up at setting a team up to be solid defensively. I guess I undervalued the combination of roles/duties and TIs collectively. I appreciate the help. I much prefer trying to adapt and figure it myself than you handing a good set up to me
  14. Man, this game is a giant jigsaw! Haha! I went with positive in the end, I've never tried anything below balanced. We're ten games without a win now. But all our losses have been by one goal (apart from a 4-0 killing at Liverpool)
  15. I've removed lower DL. I only had that there because my CBs aren't the quickest. I had defend wider because they aren't the best at heading (Only Diop can be trusted there). Familiarity on the instructions are nearly full. I've tried not to completely abandon the idea. I'm going to continue to try the possession style of play
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