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  1. This save has been scrapped, main reason I've finally got fm20 full version working at a playable speed, no crashes, fewer long pauses, 2D doesn't freeze anymore so couldn't really be bothered playing on with this save. Sorry folks. Other reasons, kids, work, lack of internet. Thanks to those who read it though
  2. I played FM16 for 4years, I'm actually delighted in the activity the ai does in transfers now. It was next to impossible to offload players or even have a team come in for your top player to give you a challenge of do we keep him to win or do we need the money more??? The transfers are very much improved. Well done SI!!!
  3. Found them, cheers. Yeah touch gets its own location
  4. First friendly, playing vs an amateur team, so should be winning anyway. played 4-4-2 all the way through (changed to defensive last 15mins)... balls over the top seemed to catch us out 3 or 4 times and better opposition might have punished us. only slight disappointment was our wanted top striker who played a stinker. the 2 star rated A: Toth was great when he came on. So it looks like I made a huge mistake already going by that performance. i've used up our remaining wage budget to try and keep him..... hasn't signed yet though Really does look good, can only assume it was his 5 positioning that let him down. though he did get on the ball a good bit. gut feeling is I will regret letting him go, deffo worth more than 350 quid. next update will be end of friendlies. cheers for reading
  5. Some Club Info.... Not Bad up front, and excellent depth in the middle.... absolutely desperate on the wings and full back. any injuries here will cost us big time looking at our attributes we have plenty of accel, pace, agility, aggression teamwork, work rate, jumping and heading. however we cant pass, cross, tackle, mark, shoot near or long, finishing is poor enough and of the ball isn't great either. So I have come up with a long ball gegenpress tactic.... in other words lots of running around when the opposition have the ball, and then if we regain possession smash it long to target man or wide players.... what could possibly go wrong???? then if we somehow find ourselves in the lead or come up against bigger teams I will play a more defensive version of the same tactic The friendlies await.....
  6. Nothing happens when I press those buttons. No screen shots anywhere.... Can touch do screen shots??!
  7. Fm16, from release day until end of September 2019. Took a month off, started FM 20 about a week and a bit ago. Full FM doesn't run great so just been playing touch on pc
  8. Deffo worth it if you plan on doing a long save. I'm just starting my long term save now. I'm happy to just play 1 match, I found if I binge play games it become a bit boring, especially on touch when you just sim the pre season, I tend to do that to just see what works. Then I proper go for it. Won't be getting FM again now until at least fm24
  9. Can only choose 3 teams in touch. Chose Czech because I fancy bringing Dukla Prague up and to the top of Czech league. Potential that job be available as need to be promoted first time of asking. Chose Croatia because I think they are one of the best footballing nations, many clubs have affiliates in Hungary, and also I fancied bringing up NK kustosija up in Croatia or if it is available Osijek.
  10. Thanks, really wanted to do this for my fm16 Ballymena save. Was still playing it up until September this year. 3.5 years to play 7 seasons. It was great fun.... My boss let's me use internet on night shift so I can play online now and do screenshots. Have you any threads up yourself, I can give them a read mate?
  11. Almost. All comprehensive, including friendlies. Took me 3.5years to play 7 seasons. Even watched players I scouted. Deffo my most successful save, had a blip in the middle too
  12. Took me 3.5 years to play 7 seasons with Ballymena united. Best fun I had. Went into serious detail. Watched games of players I scouted, all matches comprehensive highlight.
  13. Board Expectations: 19/20 + 20/21 finish Top half Div 2. After that try get promoted. Stay within wage Budget. Financial: No transfer budget. Have just shy of 10k p/a left to spend... That could be tricky. Facilities all below average (training 6, youth 6 academy 4) Other info: Squad size 24. Young squad compared to most others in league. No B Team, No reserve/youth team. Out of the 24: 3 are Keepers and only 3 strikers, with the main one being on a non contract and wanted by 3 clubs.. Guess that's where the extra 10k p/a will go. Squad Analysis and possible tactics to come..... With screen shots
  14. Notes: I like taking over teams that haven't won the top league in their country before. And I like to start at a team that has a vacant position. Leagues Loaded: Hungary, Czech, Croatia. Spartacus FC are one of only a few teams to have never won the Hungarian league (in vanilla database). They have a vacant managers position so that's where I'm going to start. (First time posting on here, I'll try my best to get it right.... More to follow......)
  15. Did a test runon touch, pretty much went same way as you, preseason was worse, playing on attack but couldn't score, getting beat 1-0, 2-0 the odd 0-0 draw. Changed to a flat 5 at the back (attacking FBS) 2 DMs 1 MC, 1AMC and I went out and got a big target man up top. Last 2 friendlies both 3-0 wins, target man assisted 5 of the goals scored the other. Then he got injured and it all fell apart again. Board weren't happy with my defensive style of play, and the fans couldn't 'digestive' it either. Gna try it again though, its a fun challenge. Can't wait to see your progress
  16. Does it have to be a screen shot or can it be a photo of the screen??? I've a nice idea for my first entry to FMCU but I can go on YouTube and play FM but after that I know nothing about computering, so how do you take a screen shot????
  17. Same, dunno how many times my FB will get to the byline and dart into the box instead... I'd rather a hopeless aimless cross than that. (Dribble 3, Flair 2, Cross 9.... Cmon man!!!) Side note: looking forward to the content!!! Love a good FM read
  18. Can't say for fm20, but in previous versions they always worked if said in the right tone and at right time. I nearly had some if them in like clock work example. Calm Concentrate 1-15mins 45-55mins settled early nerves/complacency. Assertive concentrate after you score Passionate/aggressive concentrate to a player making mistakes playing poor. Passionate/aggressive demand more when losing 75mins+ Assertive tighten up 1-0 up Passionate/aggressive tighten up when just conceded but still 1 goal up (2-1 usually) There the main ones I use that I can think of. I've used calm down but that seems to work too much and players switch off became uninterested. Besides I've no problem with sending off, I likem to get stuck in
  19. Yeah. Just a tip as well don't tell the players you think they have the ability to stay up. Only one player agrees with you
  20. Just like in the beta with Bolton. Wanted you to avoid being drawn into a relegation fight.... With a -12 point start
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