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  1. 2026 Season This season was, quite honestly, an absolute slog. I spent a lot of money in the offseason trying to buy every Chinese player of merit, including bringing some youth in from the likes of Inter and PSG who happened to have been born in China. The results of which was a juggernaut team that absolutely ran roughshod through the domestic league (secured the title with five games remaining) albeit with a disappointing loss to top-rival Beijing in the Semis. The rest of the season in China was a breeze, we finished the season undefeated at 26-4-0: The Champions Lea
  2. 2025 Season Right off the bat, I shot my shot at a bunch of African national teams who were fresh off the ACON tournament. Ghana turned me down, ranked 27th, but both Senegal and Nigeria offered me a job ranked 15th and 16th in the world respectively. With the next season starting to arrive, I had to make haste with my scouting and team building. With just six scouts, I started scouring the Earth for Chinese nationals to come play. The Chinese Super League has fairly strict rules on how many foreigners can be registered (6) let alone play in the lineu
  3. 2024 Season A short managing hiatus of July 1st to October 15th helped me clear my head (and clear South Africa from the playable leagues) and ensured my journey would take me to new places. A number of applications went out to various large National Teams with no success. Ultimately, I received an offer to interview from Chinese Super League club Shanghai Port FC. They liked what they saw in me and I liked what I saw in them: A club only 3 points back from continental competition with six matches to go and a transfer purse of over $100 million. What I wasn't aware of was how decim
  4. Off the bat, we made a statement in the African Champions League with a 23-0 aggregate win over Somalia's Gaadiidka. The 12-0 first leg broke a record for biggest single game margin, tied the most goals in a match, and broke the largest aggregate win margin record for African CL, all of which were formerly Sundowns records. I also was able to earn a quick trophy at the beginning of the season, winning the Super 8 by beating a fierce local rival. It isn't an Ultimate Challenge-eligible trophy, though, so it'll make a nice office paperweight. Winning the Super 8 gave me three t
  5. @goonergez Thank you! It was a really lucky situation that Sundowns were so pitiful the year before. I'm hoping I can notch the African Champions League next year and get off the continent. I've tried this challenge before and this is definitely the hottest start I've ever had.
  6. SEASON 3 (2022-2023) After a Cinderella season with AmaTuks, my momentum took me to Sundowns where the goals were clear: Win. We were expected to win the FA Cup and compete for the League Title. While we ultimately failed in the FA Cup run, losing in the Semifinals 1-0 to Maritzburg United, our domestic season was a barnburner and we secured the title with two games left to play. This victory brought Sundowns back to glory after two years of Cape Town City winning and reasserted Sundowns as the team to beat in South Africa. We didn't just beat our opponents, we beat them badly
  7. Alright, I've tried this challenge before and fizzled out. Here I go again. I've already got a few seasons in so this will be a bit of a catch up post. Proof: I've started with all levels of South Africa, Chile, Brazil, Peru, and Argentina. Off the jump I took on Morocco U21s just to get some managerial experience to point to during interviews. We made a run in the U20 African Cup of Nations to the Finals before losing to South Africa. It took seven months to even get a serious shot at an interview but I was able to get two lined up with South African seco
  8. (FM 2020) I stumbled upon this from a reddit comment and have taken the plunge. I got my first job at Kitchee in Hong Kong. They are a team with a strong championship pedigree but their last manager drove them into the ground before getting fired. I took them over at 9th place and was only able to make it back to 7th place. I was however able to shithouse my way to the FA Cup. Of the three games, I won 1-1 on penalties, 0-0 on penalties, and then the Final was 1-0. We didn't play beautiful soccer but trophies last forever. Winning the Cup earned me an extension to my contract for an
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