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  1. One CB is on no nonsense which nullifies the play out of defense option. A NNCB will just clear the lines and potentially clear the ball right back to the opposition. Centrally your CM doesn’t do much defensively and won’t receive any help from the AM on EG role and I doubt the wingers will track back enough. I personally would play a 4-3-3.
  2. Appreciate all the responses, I will detail what’s going on currently as my first two months have been going pretty well tactically.
  3. Hi I have posted some screenshots asking for tactical advice for my Arsenal save. Entering my 4th season the results have been mixed, only 1 PL title and 1 FA Cup as Manchester United and City's finances are kind of over powered. Anyway here are my preferred tactics for the upcoming season let me know what you guys think and I'll try to explain my thought process. Tactic #1 Thoughts. First I want to control possession but I'm not sure how many passing options the CB's will have. Also I am thinking about ticking distribute to slow down or just take it off and trust the GK. With my backline I want the right sided CB to stay wide and cover the FB(A). I think FB(A) will be better defensively than a WB which is way too offensive in my opinion. I think the FB on the left side on support will help recyle possession and get up the pitch depending on my mentality. Honestly I try to trust my defenders more or less and not give them too many instructions, you can get away with that more at the higher levels. Moving on to my MF roles what do you guys think? CM(S) is good to protect the FB and retain possession but not sure if it's creative enough. DLP is on defend to protect the FB on attack but honestly I want to tick that to support instead. My thought is the CM's will shield the backline and feed the AP(A) which I will get into soon. I think the W(A) will stretch defenses and draw players out of position but I fear everyone in the final third is kind of attacking the same space. Now onto the AP(A) I am thinking he will make forwards runs and be creative enough to play in the Winger and IF, but if my AP and CF are both on attack I think I'm attacking the same space and I'd rather stretch defenses than force it through the middle. My out of possession instructions are too risky I think, especially since I'm already on positive, what do guys think about the rest of the instructions? Attached is the second tactics, what do you guys think? Still tinkering but I like formations with 3 midfielders but don't like isolating Simeone.
  4. I like your advice it made me seriously think how I want my team to play and how to balance that with the instructions and roles. I'm going to make a post shortly on my tactical changes.
  5. Hi, a brief backstory, I have been playing FM since FM15 so I am not as experienced as some of you but I have put many hours into each installation of FM since then. Usually with each new game I do a few journeyman saves then I manage my favorite club Arsenal because don't we all think we know what's best for our club? Anyway I am entering my 4th season and the results have been meh, I won the Premier League in my second season but besides that I only have a community shield to my name and that don't really count. In my 3rd season our title defense was weak, we spent most of the season 6-8 points off the top until we lost steam and dropped to 4th. I'll tell you what I've seen from the eye test and then how the stats basically back that much. My team creates chances however we struggled to convert. Tactically I think I have hit a wall, my set up is doing a decent job of creating chances, so why can't they finish? I'll post screenshots of stats and my tactics and let you all tell me what I can do to improve and what I'm doing wrong. I have attached stats that show we create chances, but the conversion stats worry me. While we dominated possession this year, I also have a nagging worry some of it was meaningless against sides that sit deep. Also note my tactics screen, that is based off my preferred shape and while I changed formations a few times during the season, the instructions more or less remained the same. So, where can I improve?
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