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  1. Hi Dan/Harry Following latest update 12.3, it looks like the Form Guide/last 6 matches are still missing on the pre-match line up, despite this being reported previoysly ?
  2. Yet again as per previous, following the latest update, the game does not load with custom skin and having to delete and use default skin for game to load .?
  3. Hi..I have tried getting the new skin with my custom graphics on my Ipad Mini 4 but game just will not load..Have tried clearing cache then loading the skin, loading the skin without clearing cache but no luck. Any ideas because spoils the fun without the graphics ?..
  4. Is there an issue with the game not loading with using custom skins and graphics for Mimi IPad 4 ? Despite reloading and loading skins via ITunes, the game just does not load and is continuous on the circle loading page - very frustrated as can now not enjoy the game with default graphics and skin .
  5. Yes...recent update still problems as will not load the game using custom skin so yet again, having to logon iTunes, delete custom skins, choose default skin then reload custom skins and game...sooooo time consuming and surely this shouldn’t happen for every new update release .... ?...
  6. Hi Harry..yes every time an update is available the custom skin’s created does not load and defaults back to default skin..every time an update is available
  7. You need to drag and drop the player you want as set piece taker
  8. Have found that when viewing opposition details on form, scout and feedback, when you click on opposition details, details of the team your managing comes up...
  9. The pre-match line up is only for Comprehensive highlights as still works for me
  10. Hi Is there any news on the above bugs where recent form is missing information, surely this should show WWLDDW against it .
  11. Yes..have to choose new skin for graphics to work. Also have found after every new version update that you have to delete and reload skins in ITunes which is annoying, as update doesn’t default to existing skin.
  12. Following recent version update and viewing the post-match analysis, still a bug where no information is available
  13. Same here using IPad Mini 4...and 1 game drains 15% of battery
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