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  1. I am not that knowledgeable about the game. Apologies, in advance, if this is possible. I do not think I can view all staff with the "Future contract" column in place. I was expecting to be able to goto "staff", "All", chose "Contract view" & then insert "Future contract date" column & "Future contract wage" column. I believe these columns are missing as options, so I have to open each individual coach by name & then open "Contract info". if they have a "Future contract" thne detaisl are at the bottom. Please can you add "Future contract date" column & "Future contract wage" column for staff. I note you have a contract offres page for players. My objective is not to lose my best staff because I thought I had a future contract in place, but did not, so they leave due to out of contract/poached at cheap price by other teams. Hope that makes sense.
  2. PC version. Goto Staff. Press "Coaching team", "Recruitment Team" or "Medical team" links and hey presto you can see the staff allocated under that banner. Now goto Staff. Press "Under 23s" or "Under 18s". You cannot do the above. I wish to be able to view my staff under their specific age group, as well as all together. I can goto all staff and order by team, but its gettign complicated when I want to add a further column to order by. eg, All Under 23 coaches ordered by "Judging player potential", as an example. Adds felxibility & reduces screen clutter.
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