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  1. ive given all A-League teams a 75,000,000 transfer budget and increased their reputation, but i haven't seen them use the money to actually sign players of a higher quality than their current squad, which makes it very easy to play as an a league team cos you can build a good squad and the other teams just dont buy players anywhere near the same quality
  2. i have already raised the reputation of the A league to be 170, around the same as the premier league, the B league has 140 reputation and the C league 120. ive also raised the reputation of the country as a whole and all the individual clubs to be around 2000 higher than what they were previously (using the reputation of teams in the premier league as a guide) the uefa champions league doesnt exist in my saves, instead i use this worldwide champions league , which i changed so that Australian teams get the same amount of spots as english, spanish, french, italian etc teams. and ive set the tv money and prize money up so that all clubs receive 50,000,000 tv money and the bottom place team gets 50,000,000 prize money which decreases untill the top 8 who all get 10,000,000 prize money (so that the league is always fairly balanced, i wish that was possible in real life, but people would intentionally finish last to get the extra $$$) ive also removed all squad registation rules, except that you have to have 10 home grown players from the nation in your full squad and 4 from your club. and i have removed all transfer restrictions. the game importance is set to very high and the youth rating as i mentioned is 200, then reduced to 150 after a few years. is there any way to increase the max ability for the generated players? i imagine there is a file somewhere
  3. I've recently created a 3 tier league system for Australia and am trying to get it to a point where it is competitive with other top leagues. I've already changed the reputation of the country, the leagues and cups i created and the teams to average out at about the same level as the top 5 leagues in Europe but i have a couple of issues that i cant seem to resolve. Basically i want to improve the current ability of players and staff who play in the league so they can compete on a global scale (my database was designed to work with a worldwide champions league database) the staff i found easy, i just deleted all staff from all clubs and unchecked do not add key staff when starting the game and the staff created are generally 120s in current ability but most have 180ish potential ability so there was no issue there. i thought then that i would just do the same for players, so i tested with deleting all the players from one club and having add players to playable teams checked upon starting a game, but the players generated are all around the 100 mark in current and potential ability. The potential ability i font care about, I've already adjusted the youth rating for Australia to 200 and i will leave it at that for a few seasons, so young players with high potential aren't a problem, its players that start with 150s in current ability that i want to get so that the teams in the league can compete straight away, rather than in 5-10 years after a few youth intakes. i had a thought that maybe the current ability was hard coded into the game because the base team of Sydney fc for example doesn't have that many good players, but i did the same experiment with man city and had the same results, all around 100-120. Any help on this would be appreciated. also the other problem ive encountered is that players and staff often dont want to work in Australia, i assume i can find the solution to this problem online quite easily but i thought id add it here as well
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