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  1. Because i'm still not happy with the results im getting. But the last tactic i put up has been my most successful for keeping clean sheets. But i am not keeping as many as i would like to
  2. My new tactics have been most successful in keeping clean sheets and being solid haha. I use prevent short goal kicks because it makes them kick long and my CB will usually win the header and i will retain possession
  3. Hi, thanks for the comments guys. I have started numerous saves with Burnley, trying different tactics to recreate the 442 that helped them get into Europe. But i can't seem to find a winning formula. This is what i am currently trying . I use the one above when it is a game i hope to pick up points in, when i am either the better team or a similar standard I use this one when i am against a top 6 team or away against a decent team or when i want to try to kill the game and not get beat. I am usually unsure of how to set my opposition instructions too.
  4. First is for games i hope to get something from and second is for games against the top 6. I tried to play more direct but we'd just give the ball away ever time so i had to try to play shorter passes. Also i was hoping to defend by playing deep, stoping them playing through me by forcing them to cross and hoping my defenders would be tight and clear it. Then i wanted my strikers to hold up the ball, maybe lay it off to my wingers and go from there.... It's not working out that way though haha Any help much appreciated
  5. Hi, I’m trying to recreate the solid 442 that got Burnley into Europe and 7th place but I’m finding it difficult. I just can’t keep a clean sheet even though I’m trying to play very compact and defensively. I am playing as Burnley by the way Any ideas on how to recreate it?
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