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  1. Theres nothing in the crash dumps file, and its not letting for me for some reason, it keeps saying upload failed
  2. Both, it doesnt work on either, and i cant get them add on's from anywhere else
  3. Hi Jimmy, I forgot to ask you last week, When I go to buy extras ie 50mil or 10 mil when the purchase screen comes up its seems to crash as I go to the checkout bit and only opens up quite small, I then cant purchase anything because it always crashes, do you have any knowledge of this happening too anyone else and is there a way around it? Cheers
  4. Yeh no worries mate, tried data analysis, that works fine no lag on that view so it is just the directors view, whats the next step for it tok be fixed now do you know a time scale of how long it will be till its fixex?
  5. Nope nothing is running in the background apart from steam itself, and 10.14.4 i think it was and do you mean compleatly unistall if off my laptop or just unistall it from steam because ive already unistalled it off steam and reinstalled it and that didnt work and im viewing the matches in 3d mode, dont really like just watching the dots on screen as they dont give me a clear view of how my players are playing, would restoring my laptop to facotry reset work do you think?
  6. My Mac is having the same problem but on the 10.14.5 update on mac, everything that im getting told too do is not fixing this issue and its starting too wind me up now
  7. Hi jimmy, ive checked the graphics quality it is already set as low
  8. Hi jimmy, ill have a look on my dinner but its always set as low as far as im aware
  9. Hi jimmy, so ive just tried that and its still the same, it doesnt lag as much now but there is still some lag there, what would be the next option for me
  10. Hi jimmy, theres my specs on my mac and ill try that deleting preferences now, i may reply late too some things as im in work so can only look at it on my breaks
  11. Hi jimmy, so I went on another game on my macbook pro last night (Rome Total War) just to test if it was the macbook or fm and that game ran perfectly fine and smooth, so the problem is something with FM, the beta idea didnt work made it slightly less laggy but not fully gone, and couldnt follow that video for removing preferences and caches because he was doing it for windows not Apple. Cheers
  12. Hi jimmy, is there a video for Macbook Pro's posted, because I dont have windows on my mac so I cant follow the direction properly
  13. Hi jimmy, yeh my graphics say its 1 star on fm19 but it has always said that even before this problem, so changing that too the lowest probably wont make a difference, and no problem aslong as wheb im playing a match it doesnt lag ill be happy, when im not playing a match and just in the home screen its perfectly fine no lag atall just when i go to play a game, but ill give the beta version a shot and hopefully it works because I play Fm19 a lot and I wont be too happy if im unable too play it.
  14. Hi Jimmy, cheers for this I shall try it later when im home from work, and ill let you know if this works, do you think its a fm problem thats im experiencing or an Apple problem, because I havent had any issues with the game before I did the 10.14.5 Mac Update
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