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  1. thank you, but first i will do my things, exchange all staff, scouts, and a part of my team, meanwhile i guess there will be a new patch or two ;P
  2. @knap Thank you hope one of them will be like p108 19,3,4 in FM2019 for me the most powerful tactic i ever had.
  3. 19.3.4 p108 cheat? :P https://www.mediafire.com/file/cmdbm6428xs6b75/!!!!!!!19.3.4WULF442PFWMKnapP108ALLCUPS.fmf/file
  4. @knap Add also 19.3.4 P108 4-4-2, working great or even better on 3.5 version
  5. I got 2 Pressing Forwards (108P tactic) Auba and Lacazette both breaking all records, scoring near 50 goals both. I sincerely recommend
  6. Second season comes to the end with P108.. after patch still the best tactic ever.. Unbeatable from 72 games............
  7. Hi. I bought Brandt & Chiesa to my Arsenal, Both play on wings (wide midfielder) i know this is not their natural position. In the middle of November ther determination started going down from 10 to 9 (Brandt) and Chiesa also dropped -1 All my players improved or nothing happen with their determination? Anyone know where is the problem ??
  8. Hello Knap, Which Mezzela is more defensive? I playing with Torreira on right side and Ozil on left side. @topic Using P112, How works your forwards? I notice that mine, i mean Auba and Laca, don't create much chances. If they score it only by accident, contrary to mine midfielders (mezzella and wings) << they shooting a lot of spectacular goals. Although it doesn't bother me to destroying the league, great tactic Knap !!!!!
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