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  1. more consitantsy in transfer's & loans if you dont understand ill explain... in my newcastle game i offered 18m for david bentley, it was rejected and i was told they dont want to sell him because he's a key player, fair enough, but then 2 week later he signs for man city for 12m, which is a third less of what i offered, so why was that accepted and not mine ? in regards to loans: i have often offered a loan deal for a player in the same league as me only to be reject because the club does not want to loan to a divisional rival, but days later i find the player is loaned to another club in the same league!! eg: i offered a season long loan deal for jamie o'hara of spurs and it was turned down for the same division reason, but bolton and birmingham offered and their offered was both accepted, it seems strange i would be rejected because im in the same division yet the player goes to a club in the same league!!
  2. I think that for fm08 their should be the following: 1) Possibility of employin General Managers at clubs to run the fianancial side of the club so you can focus more on the playing side (lyk hat Sammy Lee wants to do at Bolton) 2)In modern day football agents are a lot involved in transfers in fm08 how about the possibility of includin agents in the game some way or another ? 3) on the game you are informed you are on a wage eg: at newcastle im on £25,000 a week but were does this money go ? couldnt their be a managers bank acount and then you the player could do stuff with this money eg: invest into the club or even consider buyin a club yourself and running it as chairman ? 4) Ino i just said it above and the game is Football manager but what about the possibility of not bein a manager on the game and being a chairman aswell ? ne way just afew thoughs their that i think would be good
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