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  1. Would like to further this by saying I've just noticed I am unable to load any of my saves, regardless of editor data etc.
  2. Since I updated my FM21 I am no longer able to load my save with the official Gibraltar League add-on, which has been reported in this post. However, when I try to set up a game now without any editor data files enabled I simply get a 'Couldn't load the database' error message I've tried removing the editor data file from my FM21 but this makes no difference, and I get the same error message. If you need anymore information I would be happy to provide.
  3. Are you playing Kovar as a Sweeper Keeper in your tactic? As the role is the issue that Man Utd have a problem with, not position, and you have shown he is very much playing GK.
  4. I have this same issue, any idea how long this will take before it's fixed? My Gibraltarian lads won't qualify for the World Cup by themselves!
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