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  1. Your a Legend mate! Absolutley lost for words how quick youve got onto this. Cheers Knap, Ill have a Beer for you tomorrow!!
  2. B**dy Hell. Not only are you a Master Tactician, but a Top Decent Human too!! Mate thankyou!!! Im assuming they are all for Argus?
  3. If you could do that, you have no idea how thankful i would be. I have read the forums here, fmscout and sortitoutsi for tactics and i keep coming back to how good argus 18.2.2 p102 and pilgrimage 18.3.3 p104 are but with out the player instructions, i dont feel im doing them the credit they deserve. Thankyou Knap.
  4. Dont Laugh but we have not owned a computer for 3 years. I-pad and phones are all we have. Ipad music is all bought from the store, no itunes 😩
  5. Knap im not trying to be a pain but ive spent the last 2 days trying to find the individual player/position instructions for each position (sit narrow, mark tighter, cross from byline, dribble more, shoot less often etc) for Argus 18.2.2 p102 and Pilgrimage 18.3.3 p104 without any luck. Im on FM18 Touch so have put in the Team Tactic and Team Instructions Manually. Initially i wasnt going to ask if you could screen shot or type them out as id imagine you get asked alot but at risk of spending more hours hunting with no luck and more matches played with not the full tactic setup, ive signed up here so i could ask you to do that? I would genuinely be very thankful.
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