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  1. oh, and also about director of football, like i think he actually does the buying of players, and the manager actually just tells him "i want this player", and DoF will settle the rest.
  2. i'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but i'll definitely want more interaction between international manager and his players, like tell him if he don't get more first team football, he'll be dropped from the national team, or he'll miss some major international tournament.
  3. i believe mads jorgensen was one of those. dint become big at all. is a scout now at liverpool
  4. i want to really thank you guys for making this download available in torrent! cheers!
  5. finished my 2nd season, and i strolled to another 6 trophies, making it 12 out of 12! take that pep! (just kidding) alexis sanchez and pedro couldn't repeat their scoring form from the first season. both got 20+ goals last season but this time round, both just barely got past the 10 goals mark. villa and messi bag more than half of my goals combine, 49 and 41 respectively. kiko femenia, martin montoya and gerard deulofeu all made the step up and all impressed, especially deulofeu. don't think i'll be buying any players for the 3rd season. barca are almost invincible in the game. i'm tearing everybody apart, including real madrid!
  6. i realise that david villa scores loads of goals when played as a single striker with poacher role. same in 11 and 12. messi not very consistent for me as a single forward.
  7. just finished 1st season with Barca and won EVERYTHING. that's right! EVERYTHING. La Liga, Champions League(against Lyon), Spanish Cup(against Valencia), Spanish Supercup, EURO Supercup, World Clubs Cup. Won the league with 102 pts, unbeaten(W32 D6), scored 113 concede 24, and finished 12 ahead of Real. Didn't sign or sell a single player. David Villa scored 59 goals(34 in league), Lionel Messi got 34(22), Alexis Sanchez nailed 21(13), Pedro banged 21(11). 4 players passed the 20 goals mark! Have just signed Jose Enrique for £22mil(yah i know its a bit much), and set to land Marc-Andre ter Stegen. Released Eric Albidal, Jose Manuel Pinto and Alex Hleb. Plays 4 across the back, 2 central midfielders, 1 attacking mid, 2 wingers, and a centre forward. Viva Barca!
  8. 1. The Director Of Football ok i know this is not everybody's fav person but his role in the game is just a name and nothing else. he does nothing! i've heard of them doing things in real life like try to buy the players the manager suggests. so i think that his role should become more active in FM09 2. Suggesting your own Feeder Club rather than have the board pass you a list to choose from, why not be able to choose the club yourself? eg: you fancy Tranmere Rovers cause they have been producing many good youth players so you suggest to the Board that you want Tranmere as your feeder club. just some thoughts. cheers!
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