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  1. That’s not totaly true. Sterling act as a wide forward, particulary now that he’s playing on the left. He stays wide and than he cut inside without the ball, occupiyng the halfspace while zinchenko make an overlap. but if man city is attacking down the right, you have marhez who stays wide even in the final third, so the fullback has to cover him, creating space for the n8 who plays in the halfspace. Ok marhez cut inside often, but with the ball in his feet, so he can stay wide and stretch the pitch for the most time. Obviusly, if your attacking down the left and the ball is in the f
  2. SK none IWBd take fewer risks BPD shorter passes, stay wider IWBs shorter passes, take fewer risks, shoot less MEZs direct passes, take more risks, dribble more, more closing down DLPd take more risks MEZa dribble more, more closing down, run wide with ball Ws cross from the byline, hold position, more closing down, tackle harder, thinght marking F9 more closing down
  3. So guys, we know that man city attack in a 2-3-5, a formation that can be achieved in fm in some ways. The easiest is obvs having wingbacks wide and forward and the insideforwards in the halfspaces, but i found this too predictable and one dimensional. Having the wingers wide and the 8s in the halfspaces makes this tactic so interesting I am trying my best to replicate this and with this formations i'm having some kind of succes and a lot of goal like this in the 4th image willock is a mez(s), not a mez(a) the roles SKd
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