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  1. Chile doesn't work at 19.3.5 version/ Chile não está funcionando na versão 19.3.5!
  2. One thing that has always been present in real life and that has never been seen in FM, as know, is the possibility of changing the rules of the competitions after the save has started, such as the number of teams in a given division , the number of divisions in a country, the number of substitutes during a game, the number of cards that can lead to a player's suspension, and even the duration of the transfer windows. I imagine that this feature could be implemented in a similar way to what is already done in Motorsport Manager, in the following way: At the end of each season, a meeting with the managers of the teams involved in eventual changes could be called and which rules would be changed , no more than two or three. Voting would be by equal weight, and in the case of a majority, the change would be made in the next season. I believe that this measure would give an even greater dynamism to this game that is already spectacular.
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