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  1. Unless you are heavily favorite, you should always use Praise on the whole team when leading. If only win by 1 as a favorite you can wait and slap your team in the half time talk, but then praise them at the start of the second half.
  2. I think @knapshould stick with an all around team such as Liverpool. Liverpool have a strong squad that can adapt to many formation, they have only 2 new signings and the players are gelled together already. Those things really help eliminating a lot of RNG when you are testing ideas for new tactics. So instead of spending time setting up a team like Sheffield to fit his ideas, Knap should just use Liverpool to test, and keep prolifically providing us great tactics as he has been doing.
  3. In current Real Madrid team Hazard is the best Striker option for Knap tactic. Benz and Jovic are both slow and you need speed up front, Rodrigo is ok but he needs to roll high PA. Anw you can always splash money into someone like Haaland or Mbappe any time.
  4. In Dark side tactics most of the positions are encouraged to Dribble more and Take more risk, so I would say it better suits a top team with technical players.
  5. Well sometimes you cannot have everything. With two Strikers your midfield can be vulnerable without the support of IWBs, so a good two tops tactics usually use the inverted. There's no surprise that they are always on top of the test tables. Anw, as mentioned in another posted, you do not always need the best tactics from the table to enjoy your game. Just pick one that fit your style and go on.
  6. Pretty sure the updated rating was applied for the AI team as well. Maybe it makes the AI managers handle the teams and shouts better, and in some cases leads to better AI performance despite the same ME.
  7. Sometimes tactics do not work whatsoever, and you needs other inputs like holding a team meeting to encourage your team and put things back on track. Pro tip: if you have a bad result after a winning streak, hold a meeting and praise the team, works all time for me.
  8. FM 2020 training schedules are not compatible with FM 2021. Anw you can just replicate them, with your phone for example.
  9. In recent FMs, there is almost no plug and play. If your team has poor morale and cohesion, you will struggle. Go on holiday works if your team is in a good spot and players are happy. Otherwise you will get bad results, which then stem more bad results without actions from the manager. One more big things about Go on holiday, your results will be affected by your AssMan. The most obvious issue is picking the wrong players for the positions.
  10. Totally agree. This interaction with long ball over has been buggy in FM for ages, but this ME definitely is one of the worst.
  11. Given that Knap tactics are all about pressing, we should be really careful at the end of the match, when the legs are tired. On the other hand, I once got Pulisic pulling a hat-trick in injury time. He was a sub on 85' anw.
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