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  1. I think this would add an extra dimension to an already excellent game. Currently when you negotiate buying and selling players you have to consider the effects it will have on the board and the fans, but imagine if you also had to consider how it will effect their significant other. Imagine your two strikers get together one season and you decide to sell one. The partner will warn you they'll purposely never score goals if you sell their lover to another club. It would be absolute madness. You might also have to hire staff that can help with relationships. Maybe there could be an extra attribute for staff that are good at couples counseling. Then maybe they could have a tiff and stop talking to each other or something. Even better if you could get a player to agree to a lower wage if you agree to recruit their partner. My apologies if this is already in the game and I haven't seen it yet.
  2. I found this team in the Scottish Third Division who seemed to be under performing. Rangers or something. I once took them all the way to the Scottish Championship in under 10 seasons. Got relegated from there though after 2 seasons.
  3. Women should definitely be able to get a job at any sports club they want. I don't think we should be discriminating between real women or regen women either.
  4. Poor effort by a terrible team. The fact the goalkeeper was the best player speaks volumes about the lack of quality and depth in this mediocre side.
  5. Kid pushes his younger brother over at home. Scrapes his knee. Foreign media go ballistic and dig up all sorts of historical dirt on the child prodigy. Kid gets suspended from school and the principal steals his pocket money.
  6. After Liverpool got him the help he needed he never once bit anyone while wearing a Liverpool shirt. Only when he went outside Liverpool's sphere of influence did he start biting again. The only logical conclusion is that the more time he spends playing for Liverpool the less he will bite people. FIFA need to pay Suarez's wages for the entirety of the ban.
  7. The stats thankfully take into account the fact that England were robbed. At least three clear cut penalties denied plus every 50/50 decision going against them. Easily one of the top teams but the powers that be conspired against them.
  8. The international ban is fair enough but the domestic ban is clearly an attempt to punish Liverpool. Jealous mutts are just upset we have the best player in the world and are trying to sabotage our season.
  9. If he bit a referee he would be banned for life. Players deserve the same level of protection against psychopaths.
  10. It's far more realistic this way. No assistant manager in real life has gone on to become a decent manager. The computer knows this and applies that rule accordingly.
  11. Apart from Germany, Spain and Italy; England are the only team to so far have gone undefeated. There has never been an English team this good before. They have it in the bag.
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