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  1. Cannot make three substitutes using the new bottom bar, After making two, clicking on another player does not provide the pop-up menu. Having to wait for the tactical changes to be made, and then make the third change.
  2. There is. You have to tick a box 'don't show this again' to stop the warning from appearing. I think you can reset these in preferences.
  3. This happens if you leave the match screen and come back to it, for me at least. I've reported the bug.
  4. Fair point, then again that's a nuance the user should be able to figure out for themselves. Part of the 'human' element.
  5. Well you did have a decent half comparatively; just didn't finish chances and/or they scored worldies. What can you do?
  6. What has the heart graphic got to do with the player being low condition? The same would be if the percentage was displayed. The graphic is not the issue in that case.
  7. 'Why make it so hard?' is an aggressive question. Not Roy Keane aggressive, but still.
  8. Individuals all selected is a known bug. No need to be aggressive about it.
  9. It made our choices easier with percentages, and I kinda miss them, but this way is much more realistic. It should be kept.
  10. I love the post-match report now. It wasn't quite useless in previous editions but let's just say I almost always ignored it! The new one is insightful, helpful and not over-informative. Same applies for the opposition report. Much more helpful.
  11. Please see attached, happens when leaving the match screen and returning. 80th minute as you can see, everyone fresh and no morale displayed apart from sub or goalscorer (actioned players I guess) after returning.
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