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  1. Some truths are boring to hear, but the SI has no reason to listen to the community. What competition do they have? None! The game has been available for almost 2 months and is still with horrible ME. Nobody can give greater satisfaction to the community, the only thing they say is: "Our developers are working, be patient, blablabla". Come on guys, show some respect for your community, we don't deserve it. Give us the product we pay for, please.
  2. Usually goalkeepers do not have good grades at all. In FM 19 I had a season that Pau Lopez conceded just 13 goals in La Liga and their average rating was less than 7.0.
  3. My impressions: I played 90 hours until. Most of the time only served to make me angry and frustrated. I left my best experience in all FM's (Girona in FM 19) to have a terrible experience. The gameplay is horrible. Two months after launch, Match Engine continues to have the same problems as it did at the beginning and no one can predict improvements. Things in the game are always repetitive and everything seems to depend on your luck (which always fails). Penalty shoot-out is unsuccessful; long balls pursue their defense regardless of the quality of the players and their tactics; Your attacker can have great attributes (17+) and yet will lose dozens of clear chances before scoring; the game seems to laugh at your tactical changes and keeps punishing you no matter what you change. If I had known this would be so bad I would have continued on FM 19 and would consider buying the game only in March. After all, it seems that this is what we who bought the game at the launch deserve: suffering and anger. Sorry for my bad english.
  4. Hello. Thanks for the help. I have tested your suggestions and there is nothing incoherent with them. But I decided to stop FM 20 until they fix some bugs. I'm really stressed about all this, every change I make has no effect, I keep losing and tying with the same mistakes as usual.
  5. I agree with everything you said. I came out of my best save (FM 19 with Girona) for my worst experience on all FM (FM 20 with Leicester). The game is really stressful with the same repetitive mistakes.
  6. Hello. I'm currently in season three with Leicester and so far I couldn't fit in a competitive tactic. My idea for the team is to have the ball without conceding many goals. I believe my current team is much better and more competent than the initial one, but the tactical part is being a big problem. I've been suffering a lot from the 1x1 situations and the balls behind the defense. I create many clear chances but I don't score. It's my last year of contract, if it's not consistent anymore I think I'll get fired. This is my current tactic: Thank you for your help!
  7. 1- Yes, I watch the game in a "wide" way, but as I already said, I am badly tactical and often do not see what I should see. 2- I like the idea of having a defensive midfielder who thinks the game and organizes things. I do not like a player in this position having the only job to score opponents and disarm them. I know that each one has its peculiarities and differences, but for the position I really like Busquets, Jorginho and Pirlo. I thought about it that I hired Rodri, I would not like to use Kanté in this position. About attacking IWB I'm not sure about that. I've never really used this function in a long time. I've never been able to adapt it to my tactics successfully. On the other hand, I really need my sides to be dangerous, I think this is one of the most important points of current football. I need them to have Robertson and Arnold statistics, but for now I could not. Alex Telles currently has 6 assists in 14 Premier League games and a 7.22 rating, which I have found acceptable. But Odriozola has only 2 assists in 14 games and average rating of 7.09. Do you have any thoughts on how I can improve this? 3 - As I said above, I gave up using the Hazard as an attacking midfielder.
  8. Hello I'm back. I've been reading what you posted and it was great help. My team has improved performance and now clearly doing what the tactic asks them to do. However, my team has seemed to be more reactive than purposeful. A good part of the goals are made in counterattacks, with the wingers and attacking midfielder exploring the space behind the opponents. Not something like what Klopp does at Liverpool, but it works. I'm not 100% satisfied with the tactic for now, but for being my first season in charge of Chelsea, I'll allow myself to have a "learning season". I am still in November and these are the results I have obtained since the last posting: And this is the current tactic: I gave up the idea of having Hazard playing as an attacking midfielder. He has PPM Comes Deep To Get The Ball, which made him rarely seen in the finishing position. Playing as left winger he can be more active in the match, giving passes and finishing. Asensio also benefited by going into the middle, he fits really well in that position.
  9. Hi, I'm back. In the last 6 games I used this tactic, with some modifications suggested by @Experienced Defender I got the following results: As you can see, friendlies are too deceptive about team performance. I am going to the fourth game of the Premier League and my team has run into the same problems as always: I kick several balls, but I make a maximum of 1 or 2 goals, while the opponent always scores easily. Example: And that's not the worst of it all. Of the 7 goals I scored so far, 4 came from corner or free kicks. By using the attacking midfielder, I plan to have Hazard as the team's biggest threat. I want to get the most out of it. About low crosses, it makes sense what you said. I'll use the mixed crosses. I no longer use the extremely high time. I also stopped using fairly narrow. On the left fullback, your suggestion sounds good. I'm going to test Alex Telles on an attack function. Regarding Mezzala and B2B, I agree with what you said about Mezzala, but not about B2B. With Kanté playing in this role, I intend to have more solidity in the middle of the field, he also arrives well at the attack, including made 4 goals in the last 6 games. What do you suggest instead of Mezzala? Higuain and Giroud are no longer on my team, I am in August 2020. Again, thank you guys for the help guys. I am determined to dominate this game in the tactical part.
  10. Hello guys. I'm starting a season with Chelsea and I plan to have a team playing a football similar to Klopp's. I intend to have an aggressive football, coming fast to attack, taking possession of the ball as a consequence instead of being a slave of it. I want my team to attack mainly with the two wingers and the attacking midfielder, besides having the support of the two midfield and fullbacks. For this I have many doubts to put together a tactic that works like this. I'm in preseason and the tactic is currently like this. I need your help with tips and suggestions. I played Football Manager for over 2 years and I can never develop tactically. Sorry for bad english. Thanks in advance for your support.
  11. Hello everyone, this is my first topic in the forum, although I have been following things for some months now. I apologize for my bad English. I have difficulty with many aspects of FM. Many things seem confusing to me and no matter how much I look, I can not find an explanation for them. Something that I'm really in doubt right now is the PPM. I'm with Tottenham, playing a style based on ball possession. I wonder what moves are best for that style in each position. Thanks in advance.
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