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  1. 10 games into the league season and its been an interesting start. I'm finding value in the team i would have missed otherwise, by looking inwards rather than taking a scattergun approach to transfers by taking everything on 2 legs on trial and signing the best. We started well, winning the first 2 games and drawing the 3rd, before losing to Godolphin in the first preliminary round of the FA cup. this was disappointing because its good to get some cash in the bank when you can, but we bounced back with a 6-1 win over little common and won 5 of the next 6 games in all competitions. Now the
  2. To continue on, I loaded a save with vanilla leagues, and while I did get an exciting offer from Uruguay , I couldn't take it, wouldn't have been a very realistic start, so i loaded up the level 10 DB again, made only the home nations and france playable whilst loading the rest as read only. interviewed with Worcester and Wigan without applying, Worcester offered me a job, as did Lewes, but Saltdean were the most interesting to me , and are close to me , much like Lewes are, but I have managed Lewes in a previous game, same applies to Worcester. took a contract that's on par with the o
  3. Hi. I was staring at my new game set up screen for a couple of hours , thinking about what to do, pentagons always the target but i never achieve it, and each year it gets harder to start, so i went looking for a new option and found this thread. makes much ore sense to me to have a coaching badge, and i always do my best to work within my means in a game save anyway, ill still try to conquer the world but now i can have a little help at the start, i might actually get a job offer without loading level 10 database. so im using the vanilla leagues, i added al l the realism mods linked in the po
  4. When i started having the issues i downloaded a few more to try, to see if the same thing happened. then i spotted your latest version and tried that and it went haywire. maybe it was that ? currently only have your skin installed and its been stable all night. No errors either.
  5. me too. i have reverted back to version 1.1 for now. i had an issue where when i clicked on the inbox, it would click hold and then drag the box down the list. so i updated to 2.2 and then things went crazy. tried 2 different mice and games, but it was just on FM that this happened.
  6. I just updated this skin today and the mouse was click locked, was automatically highlighting items and menus and i had to reinstall the game and remove the skin to fix it. I downloaded it from FMScout , was wondering if that was the official version or if someone has re uploaded and ruined your work. might be worth looking into mate. keep up the good work.
  7. Hi, i did scan the pages on this forum a bit and i didnt see this posted already, i apologise if i missed it Can we please please please have the option to pay for our own coaching badges? I always start from the botom with nothing, and theres nothing worse than going season after season getting denied because the board are worried you might leave them, especially if i spent a few moths unemployed tryign to choose a good club and then finding that happens. I love this game, i dont have any complaints, aside from this. would love to see it in FM21. PLEASE kind regards, From a concerned
  8. This skin is fantastic. Usually Im happy using the default because the options are terible but yours is really smart, can't wait for Tealless soon
  9. That's really smart, gonna give it a try.
  10. just wanted to say, thanks for the work you have put in, i have had a lot of fun playing each database with my oocal side. trying to start a pentagon challenge with the team closest to my front door. tried to create my own league recentl and its incredibly complicated, so i appreciate what a monstorous task this is. cheers!
  11. Ok I'll take a look at that this morning, and once again,. thank you
  12. fixed the other errors and returned to the original one. I dont see anything that allows me to set a start date for the playoffs. I'm attaching some screenshots of the error, its shows why I'm confident its an error somewhere with the season start date. I really appreciate your help so far. I'm sure its something simple
  13. I haven't set up a stage for the playoffs then, I just chose promotion playoff, number of teams etc. the test I'm using is test competitions from the sidebar, I didnt know there was a test rules till you mentioned it. So i just ran test rules, It gave me a new problem ,which led to another problem so I'm gonna fix those things to do with the regional premier divisions so the AI can simulate promotion to the vanarama leagues, but right now I'm not getting the start date error. Will get back to you
  14. Thanks Sheppy, some good info there to go on, will report back when i have checked all these things. Season update day is default, the league all have playoffs, its a recreating of the English league system, with 20 teams a piece with a new league 3 included, including vanarama league changes because of the promotions i had to do to make league 3. I don't know how to validate the file while I'm still getting errors running the test. To make the playoffs i just ticked the playoff option, added the number of teams etc, saw nothing that included a date to start. I will look again.
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