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  1. Had this as well with beards. Very patchy. Scrapped choosing one.
  2. Sampdoria: Not sure if this is an error, but at the start of my save Damsgaard was on a salary of three thousand pound a week. Wasn't a problem, as immediately negotiated a new contract with a healthy release clause, as was always my intention, to use him as my cash cow. But thought it was worth mentioning.
  3. I've personally managed to grind out some results with a lower defensive line & standard line of engagement, as well as standard defensive line & lower line of engagement w/ offside trap. Beyond that my anxiety would just be too high.
  4. Hi there, Gingerbread Man. Didn't mean my comments as a slight if they came across that way. And I'm happy to resolve any issues I have within the editor once the full game is released, to my liking. It's not a problem. And I'm very sympathetic with the pandemic. Regarding things I was referring to: -I notice there's about 10 under 23s-under 18s players, where is in previous years the roster has been greater. -I notice many players attributes & I assume current ability has gone untouched since last year. Some personally I feel excessive, some harshly done by. Without getting into the weeds some players have come down the pyramid and are exactly the same as in previous editions. With some coming off long-term injury problems. On the opposite end you have a player like Luke Simpson who's come in as a more than adequate first choice keeper, previously being a number 2 higher up, has handling & reflexes of 6. Same as last year. Jaiden White who's by far their greatest current academy prospect, now involved in the first team though not a regular, has gone untouched the past I think two years. His attributes haven't changed, I don't necessarily think they reflect the type of player he is or that his positions are correct. He's a player who can play in the hole or on either wing, has quick feet, good dribbling ability & an eye for a pass. He's left footed, has improved his physique over the summer with him growing up. Alex Prosser is listed as a defensive midfielder, who's more of a rangy, tireless, hardworking, box-to-box centre midfield player, who can play as DM or even do a job on the wing. Cliff Moyo is listed at 6'3 as he has been the past few years, & is an agile, yet commanding centre-half type, where as he's actually 5'10-5'11. etc.
  5. Hey! A fellow Harriers fan. I see little chance of this, mate. Looking at the Harriers u23s & u18s on the game, they haven't made the same effort as previous years. Lot of work to do on the editor, this occasion. With many players going untouched.
  6. Same problem. I watch on sideline with my height two from the lowest, but at the start of every match it reverts back to the centre.
  7. For daytime games on certain pitches, absolutely agree with this. It's a real killer. Had to ramp up the brightness on my laptop screen with my face five inches away at times, It's tough.
  8. Really liking the match engine thus far. Very smooth & some really nice additions. Loving the full back interceptions down the line. Only issues: -On the bright green pitches during daytime games really struggling to see the ball. -My inside forward isn't really behaving like an inside forward. -Can't get my team to knock balls in behind for my advanced forward. Got on pass into space, tried higher tempo, tried playing more direct. It's just not happened. Only played six competitive games though, so still early days.
  9. From a commercial & accessibility standpoint it makes sense for the game to be easy to get a grasp of. Can't fault them there. But I would like the introduction of a toggled difficulty level.
  10. - greater intelligence from staff you delegate to. Contract offerings, DOFs the obvious. - automatic ease off tackles feature. - demands high work rate added to manager tendencies (would offer greater realism with gifted, "luxury players" being ousted by particular managers. Ozil probably the greatest relevant example). - recommended current ability for staff in the editor. Absolute bugger editing staff's attributes currently. -revamp of crowd audio. Tiers to volume & energy based on attendance, added songs & chants, greater & lesser hostility/enthusiasm based on a number of different factors etc. (made suggestion in feature requests & told of a review) -rethink on tempo & perhaps passing tactically in general. Currently it's a combination of intensity of play & how quickly teams play through the thirds within the chosen length of passing. That's not how football necessarily works. Think there needs to be a divide. Patience doesn't necessarily mean slow & visa versa. -too easy to box teams in with a high pressing, tiki-taka game if you have a decent side. Have to ban myself from using it as a default tactic else I become bored & every game looks the same. -greater, clear deviation from your chosen tactics. eg how deep your team is defending or the way they are passing. In real life if a team is fearful of the opposition, lacking in confidence, sometimes fatigued. They will have a tendency to drop & fall deeper, going into survival mode. Sometimes in a team lacking in confidence or frustrated they will lose their heads & become direct when it's not desired. Too often FM follows your tactics to the letter, for my liking. And feel there needs to be greater links to man-management.
  11. My own. Good old 4-1-4-1 wide with two centre midfielders on attack duty & wide lads on support to come back & get their shape. Short passing, possession based with high press, or low line with medium press & higher tempo. Nothing fancy, does the job. Don't do opposition instructions.
  12. So the 20.2.0 update did sweet FA then? Very disappointing. Still in my editing phase at the moment, hoped it'd been sorted by now.
  13. Using the editor I'm noticing players missing from the earlier versions as well. What's the story here? Worth starting a topic?
  14. The purple is certainly striking. Anyone else having issues with momentary freezes & entering figures in the far column when using "in between"?
  15. Can see a case for realism there, to be fair. The old rush of blood scenario.
  16. Being a prominent new feature, have people experienced many?
  17. The lack of variety is what's most frustrating for me. Playing with an advanced forward, being through on goal is obviously going to be a common theme, but there's plenty of other solutions to keep the goal tally down. Game needs more recovery tackles, players pushed out wide, bad touches with the defence recovering their shape etc. as well as the offsides.
  18. Can't say I've had any issues with penalties/red cards, myself. Definitely think some of the issues are tactics related. For instance, I expect a lot of the people (including myself) having issues with one-on-ones are playing with a lone, advanced forward. No issues with through balls, either, with playing with a lower tempo &/or asking my centre midfielders to play more direct passes.
  19. Absolutely. Some adjustments I want to make on the editor, which will probably take me a week or so, & after that hopefully any or many unresolved bugs are sorted by then.
  20. Only really had this with players with poor temperament/professionalism. One of the reasons I don't sign them. Anyone with volatile etc. in their information, isn't even considered.
  21. TWG85

    Unique Crowds

    At present you have one generic crowd track no matter where you play & at what level. As someone who uses the sound & finds the game a little empty without it, I'd personally love the addition of more distinctive & varying crowds, & feel this is an area of the game a little neglected, in truth. Ideas include: Volume/energy - Playing in-front of 60,000+, 20,000+, 5,000+, 2,000+ & 500+ feels & sounds like it. In the case of the latter that may be a little depressing for some & may be an idea to be made optional, but I'd personally love a relatively speaking, sparsely attended lower league game, to sound & feel that way. Hostility: Depending on supporter profile, team performance, rivalries, local derbies, culture, game importance, you have varying levels of hostility. Songs/Chants: Songs/chants synonymous with certain clubs included in matches featuring those teams. Obviously directed at particular players would be difficult given transfers during the game, but varying clubs trademark, encouraging & prideful songs echoing round the ground during their games would be very cool. All a lot of work, I know. But given the advances in the game, I feel this is an area left far, far behind.
  22. Adding individual groundsmen to the list of staff along with your coaching, scouting, medical, technical etc. personnel I think would be pretty cool. And of course the better groundsman you have, the better he takes care of your pitch. Could be a nice little feature, especially in lower leagues.
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