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  1. You know, this is not the first time you be overly negative in the forums and in your post. I don't know if you are young or if you have ever worked a serious job before. If you ever want to convince someone about something you bring up proof and evidence. You don't go up to your coworkers or manager and simply tell them something is wrong or it sucks and just leave it like that. SI owe you nothing. They don't even need to respond to you. Also please show me where they tell you "it's your tactics" without helping you or being overly rude without reason. The "it's your tactics thing" can be a very valid reason. FM strives for realism, and if your tactics don't make sense, your game won't make sense. If you really think something is broken in FM, come with the stats that SI can actually analyze instead of complaining for complaining. Think long shots are broken? Show us multiple seasons of multiple leagues where long shots are statically significantly more than in real life. Replace long shots with anything you think is broken, then come back to this forum. Just like grown ups do in real life when they want to complain to their boss or when they want to prove something.
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