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  1. 1. External (but Im 99% sure thats not the matter) 2. Germany (up to 6th tier), England(4th tier), Italy(3rd Tier), Austria(2nd Tier) 3. In Germany there´s everything on detail 4. In Germany, especially the 6th league (Landesliga)
  2. When I want to start a new save in lower leagues (germany, there are just a few players in the teams), and I get (by start of the game when ticking the box to fill teams with players) in the most times 16 bad players, most under 23 and just ******** in this league, but thats not the mater. the matter are the too few amount of generated players. So I dont know how to improve the amount of the total players in my and the others teams (not by creating each player in the editor).
  3. I think it’s included in your general wages budget. Go to Finance and then in the middle of the right, there should be sth showing your budgets.
  4. I don’t have any experience with the in-game editor, but it could be possible to change these things when the in-game editor got published. Imo it‘s not worth it to buy it just for things like that except u have too much money.
  5. Maybe this gets fixed on Tuesday. Your only chance is to wait mate
  6. But it´s relative what you call big reputation. I tried that in germany, where the teams in division 6 (in germany there are 8-9 divisions) have a reputation around 1350-2150, while the Bundesliga-teams have a reputation of 5750 to 9000. But when i added the reputation of the clubs between division 1 and 6, i got the problem of getting a job offer of a division 4 team while being on the lowest coaching badge.
  7. Does anyone know if there is a possibility in the editor to adjust that the trainer needs a certain license(coaching badge) in a certain league. Or is this regulated by the reputations of the respective clubs?
  8. Does anyone has a guide on how to handle the league reputation and in the same aspect the club reputation? Especially for the lower leagues?
  9. So I managed in the editor that every team in a league gets a Reserve-Team, a U21 and a U19. My first problem is that when I start a new save with it, there a only players in the reserve team and in the U19 but not in the U21. And another problem is that too few players are generated in every team. So what to do to generate players in every generated team and how to generate more players?
  10. Yeah yeah i know, but this option just generates 14-16 players, which is not enough. And the greyed out players are not on the same level as the first generated player.
  11. Does anyone know, why I just get players under 17 when creating a new llm save and tick the auto player generation option. Maybe u also know how to fix it in the game or what do do with the file in the editor. It´s the German Lower League File. Thank u :)
  12. Sorry for posting this here, but I didn’t find a good topic for this. I’m new here. If u can tell me where to put this, it‘d really help my. Here my question: The problem is I, Trainer of a semi pro club, can offer full time contracts and in my second year near all my players want full time contracts but I don’t have the money for this. What to do? And why do I can offer full time contracts as a semi pro club?
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