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  1. It took me hours to decide last night but I ended up at Everton
  2. Thanks for that. I was doing that but then clicking on start game on the bottom right instead of the arrow button on the top right. I think I have it sussed now!
  3. Same here, it's a bit of a pain as I like to have a look around before choosing. I'm sure it'll be fixed eventually!
  4. Once again, got ahead of myself. There is a choose later option on the team select page that I never noticed. That'll teach me for jumping the gun and moaning!
  5. I might be being a tad stupid but, in FM18 I could set up a game and start it and choose a club when the game had loaded. I used to save this initial game as sort of a "Quickstart" to save me having to start another game every time I wanted a new challenge. When I've tried to do this now I just start as unemployed. On the active leagues page it say at the top you can pick your team after starting the game but this doesn't seem to work. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. Has anyone else noticed this? Just started a new game as southampton, signed a player and went to register him in my squad of 25 and although there was space, it kept coming up with a position on the field to put him in, not the normal in/out. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the only other option is to let the AI control who is in and out of my squad and I don't fancy that! Oh, and i have selected registration, not tactics by accident! Cheers!
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