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    It's obvious.
  1. Paolo Henrique Ganso OR Pastere.
  2. This is absolutely stunning idea! SI, make this post of the year! What a LOL, I almost fall from my chair!!!! LOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Best way to sign....

    After season two I bought him for 21€! In fact, PAlermo offered him for that value.
  4. completely unrealistic

    Allready discussed http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/247716-Wenger-left-Arsenal!-So-unreal.?p=6322073#post6322073
  5. How stupid is my staff?

    And stength too! If player can score a screamer or just place the shot. Even acceleration could be important attribute... People, I think that FM is not so complex as you think that is.
  6. I'm wondering, how can delopers play games? They know everything, the code, core, database tips, tactics, trainings... Developers know how FM really works.
  7. Most frustrating player

    I couldn't agree more. He won CL (scored only goal in final vs mighty Barca) for me but I simply hate him. And every time when I decide to sell the bastard he scores and wins 3 point for the team :/
  8. Lost the love of the game :(

    Go in China or Hong Kong!
  9. Are new stadiums always bigger?

    WOW!!!! To change San Siro??? What is your avg. attendance? FCI or ACM?
  10. Define "not very often on the game"? in 50% matches? 10%?
  11. IRL how often do you see that referee added 100% more time???
  12. AS Roma bought Arsen Wenger after just threemonth of playing. That is so unreal.
  13. I had the same situation in CL second round. I was playing at stamford bridge against Chelsea. Referee adedd 3min but we were playing until 98min! I must admit that I was lucky to get past Chelsea but this bug seems to be more frequrntly. SI, any comment?
  14. Try to kill Dinamo chairman :-)