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  1. Ded? I don't know why you have so many problems to make the Argentine league! If everything is so clear! Well, sometimes some details pass, like that five days after starting the current championship, clubs were fighting to change the rules of relegations! The 11 teams most committed to that prehistoric table joined to lobby and managed to change the rules from 4 to 3 drops (We cannot deny that the Argentine gangsters do know how to negotiate with each other! They fought to go down to 2 relegations, and everything was closed in the middle with 3 relegations, an example of democracy among dirty people! After all, not everything is lost!!!) An aberrant situation. Here in South America if the executives still did not kill football it is only because the fans have no character. We should never see our football again. Passion can. I congratulate you for the work done. I was doing some tests in Bolivia, it was hard for me to understand how Simon Bolivar Cup works (I did it before you explain it here in response to another teammate) but the work you have done is incredible. Many of the leagues you have made, not only that they had not been made in the current FM, in some cases it is the first time in the history of the game that we can enjoy! What I could not understand is because not charged any negens players in the second and third categories of Bolivia (only in first division). Well, I hope Alan Turing will enlighten you from beyond and you can someday end the beauty of the Argentine league. Remember not to disappear from here, but those who pay nothing or appreciate your time, will come to claim you!
  2. Hi! I'm from Argentina. Our football estructure is updated minute by minute. Probably when you finish doing the work, they have already changed it. But hey, good luck with that. If you need a type of local help, contact me. I'm a player since CM 00/01 and I never play in my country's league, due to the absence of good updates. Surely yours is. Kind regards
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